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Kajukenpo Karate


Kajukenpo karate requires you to develop yourself in a positive (other awareness) manner and avoid anything that would reduce mental growth or physical health. Kajukenpo karate is a self-defense system, not a sport. A sport must have rules, but self-defense has no rules.



MAXIMUM PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EFFORT; (This is recognized as the amount of effort applied during class participation, and the amount applied on your own time. It also takes into account physical as well as mental effort.)


MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY; (This requires you to stretch and work on your ability during your own time also.)


RESPECT FOR HUMAN ENTITY; (This is an OTHER AWARENESS program, requiring you to consider others as much as yourself (self-awareness). This in turn teaches you respect for others and respect for yourself.)


KAJUKENPO definition

KA - Karate

JU - Judo and Jujitsu

KENPO - Fist Law


KATA - (reasons for)

    1. Art form when done correctly
    1. Exercise when performed as a fight
    2. Encyclopedia of self-defense


Preparations; Spiritual (Hand sign)

Mental (spotting and thinking)

Physical (dynamics)


Salutation; (Karate is my secret)

(I bare no weapons)

(I use in self-defense or defense of others)


Nidan Belt Requirements

Sandan Belt Requirements

Yondan Belt Requirements

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