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Season 1 Episodes
1. 1- 1 29 Sep 91 Legacy (1) 2. 1- 1 29 Sep 91 Legacy (2)
Synopsis:Adam chases after a hitman, Harden and captures him. At the station we see a picture of a boy on Adam's desk (a young Grady) and learn about the Thursday night vet meetings at Willis's apartment. Willis may have a lead on Grady who has been missing for 20 years since Adam had to leave him behind in Vietnam. In the meantime Adam has to "babysit" Harden who has decided to turn state's evidence against the mobster, Frank "The Butcher" Roper. Adam leaves to meet Willis at the bar, Malloy's, where we first meet Malloy and unfortunately Willis has not found Grady. Upon returning to the safe house, Harden has escaped. Adam goes to visit Frank Roper at the meat processing plant and they exchange threats. Upon returning to his apartment Adam finds Grady sitting on his couch. Grady fills in Adam on his past (see character bios). Adam takes Grady to check out a lead on Harden, while there Grady gets into a fight with some guys and shows off his martial arts skills. Grady also gets a job at Malloy's. Adam gets a lead on Harden. He and other officers stakeout a garage, Grady shows up at tells "B" the true reason why he found him. Grady is after HArden for telling the VC that his parents were CIA operatives and thus getting them and the village where they were missionaries killed. Grady runs away. Adam figures out that Grady is in Little Saigon where he has gotten a job at Chan's Dojo. Both Willis and ADam look for Grady, but so isnt HArden. Willis discovers where Grady is and Harden tortures the information from him. Adam finally learns Grady is at Chan's and meets him there where they make up. Harden takes a shot at Grady. Grady and Adam chase him down and see him get killed in an exploding car. Both do not believe what has happened and upon further investigation, Harden is alive and shoots Grady in the shoulder. Adam chases him and Harden is killed by a car. In the end the police find tapes against Roper. Grady has purchased a motorcycle and tears up a parking ticket cause he doesnt recognize those rules.
3. 1- 2 5 Oct 91 Loyalties
Synopsis: Grady backs Adam's car into another car and the other guy smashes the headlights. A fight ensues. Grady gives the plate # to Adam. At the station the secretary, Inez asks Adams to speak to her daughter, Christina. Christina is friends with the Miguel, head of the k-Street Gang. Adam finds out that the guy who smashed the windows is a k-streeter & makes a deal with Miguel to not see Tina & he will not bring up chrarges. Tina is upset & Grady goes to talk to her at school and gets into a fight with Kstreeters, Miguel pulls a gun on Grady. Another gang, The Quattros is watching the altercation. Later on one of the Quattros is hot by Miguel. Miguel asks Tina to hide the gun. Inez turns her in and she says she found it. Inez is killed in a gang fight. The k-streeters have decided to put a hit on Tina. She speaks w/Miguel who will not help. She tells Adam about the gun. So that Tina will not be killed- Adam makes a deal w/Miguel in which he will only go to juvenile detention. Grady & Adam "talk" with the other k-streeters and convince them not to harm Tina. Interesting quote: Adam to Lt. Pine "ever notice how alibi rhymes with obvious lie."
4. 1- 3 12 Oct 91 Kid Stuff
Synopsis:Grady's new girlfreind, Jenifer gave up her son Joey for adoption. She now believes the boy is being abused and asks Grady for help. Grady turns to Adam for help, but Adam does not take child abuse cases becauses on his last one a boy was killed. But, Adam does look into the case and becomes suspicious as the boy's father is mean and the wife seems afraid of him. In the meantime Joey is brought to the hospital with a sprained wrist. Adam is alerted by the doctor, Adam tells Jennifer who kidnaps her son while Grady beats up the father. Grady is arrested, and remembers that he was also abused in the orphanage. Jenifer decides to bring Joey back to his adoptive mother only, however Adam discovers that it is not the father abusing the boy, but the mother. The father divulges where his wife usually takes Joey. Adam and Grady go to the park where Joey has fallen into a pond, Grady jumps in and saves him.
5. 1- 4 19 Oct 91 Tables Turned
Synopsis: Adam finds a rape victim in a garage and catches the suspect, Jack Walker. At the trial him lawyer, Victoria Langford has him released. She is then being stalked by him. She asks Adam for help, Adam has Grady keep an eye on her. Grady has a confrontation with Jack which leads Jack to threaten the police dept. with a law suit. Victoria goes to see Adam at the bar, and Malloy doesn't like her cause she is responsible for letting Jack out. jack attacks Victoria, but doesn't rape her, and she leaves town. Adam and Grady start to stalk Jack. Jack retailiates by chlorforming Grady and going after Malloy, but Grady breaks the cuffs off,Adam comes in and they save Malloy and arrest Jack.
6. 1- 5 26 Oct 91 Shadows
Synopsis: Beaudreux, Trainer and Chase are threatened by the head of Shadow Dragons who they have sent to jail for murder. In the garage Chase is killed by a car explosion. Lt Pine places the two detective in policy custody and sends them to a safe house. Trainer and Adam do not like eachother. Grady goes to Lt Pine's office wants to know where B is. Lt Pine will not tell him and send 2 badges to watch the bar. Pine goes to safe house to deliver clothes. Trainer found dead in bathroom from poison that was put through the sink pipes. Adam is transferred to another safehouse with Kelsey and Shoeham watching him. Grady goes to where the Shadow Dragons hang out and warns them to stay away from B. They tell him they are not the ones that are trying to kill Adam. Adam leaves the safehouse, goes back to the bar where he finds Malloy tied up. A man in black attacks, and is shot by B. Another one gets by Grady at the back door. Adam discovers that the men after him are South Vietnamese Special Forces (Frogmen) some of which he trained. Adam goes to his friend Willis who helps Vietnamese refugees. Willis arranges a meeting with Old Kim, head of the crime syndicate in Little Saigon. Grady follows B, and B accepts his help. Find out that Old Kim is behind the murders. Old Kim feels he is the law in Little Saigon. Adam and Grady set a trap at another safehouse and catch the Frogmen that are trying to kill Adam. They go back to Old Kim and threaten there will be a police officer on every corner in Little Saigon if Kim continues to try to kill Adam. Old Kim says at the end, 'THere will be another time Beaudreux.'
7. 1- 6 2 Nov 91 Sanctuary
Synopsis: A man is getting dressed and he goes into a room where there is a scared woman. Grady is housesitting for Malloy. He goes to the supermarket, and there Helena (the woman) is with 2 bodygaurds. SHe sneaks out of the market's bathrrom and lands in GRady's car (Malloy's VW). Takes her to Malloys's house and the girl shows she has been whipped. Grady wants to help her however the man doing this is the cosulate of New Dutch Indies and has diplomatic immunity. The Consul, COn Strike, reports that Helena has stolen from him to Adam. Grady goes and discusses Helena with Victoria (Tables turned). Grady goes back to Malloy's house and HElena is a diabetic and in shcok, he takes her to the dr's, who calls the Consul. Grady and Helena get away however the Consul has their plate #. THe Consul halts the search with Adam, after putting pressure that he wawsn;t doing enough. Adam gets partial plate # from a bystander and knows it is Malloy's car. He talks to Grady, who states that he didn't trust B. Adam revels that Dutch Indies people know about the car and they go to Malloy's house and Helena has beentaken. Adam and Grady go to the embassy, find the girl and escape with her. In the end the Consul is returned home to face charges and Helena goes home. Malloy returns to a clean house.
8. 1- 7 9 Nov 91 The Group
Synopsis: Asian girls are being murdered. There is a shaky man in the background and he end up at Chan's dojo. He is Benton the new instructor. He and Grady spar and Benton is too serious about it. Grady discover he is a Vietnam Vet and tells Adam who invites Benton to his group. Benton is edgy and Adam is suspicious that he is the killer. . Adam asks Willis to call another meeting and uses the group to get prints from Benton. Benton is actually Ross Wiltons who has an assualt record. He is arrested. Willis kicks Adam out the group for betraying the group's trust. Grady wants to helt Benton/Ross who admits he has blackouts. Adam disusses how the group helped with Malloy. The ADA comes into Malloys and tells Adam the case against Benton has been thrown out. Grady and B discuss Benton with a psychiatrist who mention that maybe Benton is taking his violent tendencies and using art to get rid of them. B and Grady find Benton's notebook with pics of women without mouths. Grady and B head to Shinto Temple (which Benton finds peacful) and end up finding the ral killer. THey go to the Temple and see Benton is about to jump off the roof. Grady and Adam pull him back up. WIllis invites ADam back to the group. Benton has sketched a pic of Grady and B which is placed a the bar.
9. 1- 8 16 Nov 91 Friendly Fire
Synopsis:Friendly Fire Adam meets Det. James Halloran at a robbery scene. They go to look for suspects, one comes out and fires, ADam knocks James out of the way. Another suspects comes out and has no gun. He is shot by James Halloran. He wants Adam to lie about the shooting. Adam does not agree -which causes James to say that Adam was the one who shot the suspect, Joseph. There has to be a review board and Adam is placed on suspension. He has a young lawyer named ANdrew Mendoza. It also discovered that Malloy's father Dennis was killed in a friendly fire incident. She talks to Adam about his belief that it is one for all and all for on e in the police dept.The other suspect, Alex has been caught, and Grady goes to "talk" to him to convince him to tell the truth. At the review board his testimony is thrown out due to coercion. In the meantime Joseph's mother is upset that two police officers were involved in the murder of her son. At the review board Alex has been allowed to give testimony this time saying that Adam shot Joseph. Mendoza suggest that Adam change his statement, which Adam disagrees. Adam is fired. Grady and Malloy convinve him to talk to James wearing a wire, however James discovers the wire. rady goes to talk to Pine and instead meets Joseph's mother who swears revenge on B and James. Grady sees a gun and goes to warn B who is fien -they both go to warn Halloran. Joyce, Joseph's mother is already there. Grady disarms her. Jame's wife asks for the truth and he admits it was his fault. Adam gets his job back.
10. 1- 9 23 Nov 91 Self Defense
Synopsis: A woman, Lisa is being abused by her husband, Doug because she wants to go the movies. Malloy is the freind she was going out with and it turned away at the door. She arranges a meeting with Adam , herself and Lisa, but LIsa says there is no problem. Malloy discusses that Lisa has bo self esteem, Adam talks Grady into giving Lisa self defense lessons. The first lesson they practice breathing. THe next day LIsa comes with her husband and is forced to quit. Lisa calls Malloy later and tells her she has been beaten. ADam goes to the bar where Doug is hanging out with two friends. He puts his gun on the bar and taunts Doug to shoot him. Doug does not pick up tha gun. Doug opens a civil suit against ADam saying he was pistol whipped-has bruises on the side of his face. Adam asks Grady to help him. LIsa goes to stay with Malloy. Grady discovers that Doug had a football coach at the community college wher they both work beat him. Doug comes to Malloy's house and asks for another chance. Malloy finds a letter on her car that says Lisa has gone back to her husband and "he will never hit her again". malloy finds her gun missing. Grady and Adam go to Stafford Park where the couple was married. Lisa is telling Doug she wants to go back to school. He does not approve, she pulls out a gun, which she hesitates to fire. Doug begins to strange Lisa. Grady and Adam break it up and Adam chses down DOug and arrests him.
11. 1-10 30 Nov 91 Bashing
Synopsis: Malloy's brother Danny is gay and is beaten up. Malloy has planned a bday party for her brother and instead her and B pick up Danny at a liquor store, the owner has helped Danny. The next day Malloy and Grady go to celebrate Danny's bday and find him dead. Malloy is upset because she doesn't feel Adam is doing enough to fine the culprits-he is doing things by the book. malloy is also upset because she feels that adam agreed with her father, who did not approve of Danny's lifestyle. Adam replies it took him awhile to accept and he feels ashamed. Malloy takes things into her own hands when she finds out from Danny's friend that there is a bar called TJ's that a baseball team hangs out at, and they are the ones who are gay-bashing. Luckily Adam follows her and saves her from being attacked. Grady and Dam go back to the liqior store and the ower reveals his son is part of the bashing group. As Grady and Adam leave they hear yelling and catch the criminals involved.
12. 1-11 11 Jan 92 Homecoming
Synopsis: Adam gets custody of Miguel Mendez during his probation. Grady is upset that B is helpingout the guy that could have killed him. Miguel hsngs out with some of his K-Street buddies, one of them, Luis is getting married to Andrea. As they leave the house Luis is shot and killed. Adam wants Miquel not to take revenge. Grady follows Miguel and sees him pick up a gun. Adam and willis talk to Miguel asking him not to get revenge. Miguel decided not to shoot the G-Rock in question, however they see him and pursue. Miguel decides to leave. Andrea tells the G-Rocks, Adam and Grady that Miguel is at the train yards. (The g-rocks threatened her) Grady and Adam beat up some of the G-Rocks and Miguel decides not to kill the man who shot Luis.
13. 1-12 18 Jan 92 Parenthood
Synopsis: Miguel's mother, Carmen comes to Adam's apartment seeking refuge with her baby, Fernando. Miguel leaves because his mother was a former crack user. Discusses memories with Grady who revels him mom used to say, "goodnight, sleep tight, and know someone loves you." Carmen is in trouble, she is being chased by Antonio Delgado who has racketerring ties. Adam looks into it and ends up having to take the baby into social service custody. Delgado frames Carmen in a robbery and also drugs her so that she looses the custody hearing. Miguel grows closer to his brother and mother. Carmen decides to buy a gun(using Adam's stereo in a trade) and goes to Delgado's house to kill him. Grady, Adam, and Miguel save the day and the clerk who had given testimony against Carmen changes his testimony and instead testifies against Delgado. miguel goes to live with his mother and brother.
14. 1-13 25 Jan 92 Partner In Crime
Synopsis: IA interviews Adam concerning missing money from a bust. Adam is assigned a partner, Lynn Kirkwood, they are to pose as a married couple and take down a gun dealer. At the initial meeting , Murphy does not want the couple to meet his boss, DePalma, he becomes convinced (with a grenade) that the twosome are not cops and allows the meeting. They meet with Depalma and arrange the deal. In the hotel room Lynn starts asking questions about Dennis. Lynn and Adam stop by the bar for a moment and Grady becomes suspicious when Lynn asks more questions. Adam and Lynn end up sleeping together, the next day they make the bust and Murphy gets away. Lynn tries to tempt Adam with the money. Grady looks into Lynn and discovers she does not exist. Adam figures out she is IA. Adam has to work with her again to get DePalma's boss SImpson. The bust is made and Grady helps, saving Lynn's life. At the end they break up, adam tells Grady he was starting to fall for her and she tells her psychiatrist she was falling in love with ADam.
15. 1-14 1 Feb 92 Protectors
Synopsis: Malloy, Grady and miguel are closing up and they are robbed by masked intruders. They feel powerless. Adam asks Simmons and Alan (the 2 detectives assigned)if he can help on the case. The merchants in the area get together, milford one of the mercahnts wants to use guns, after another robbery they hire a security firm run by emmet Wilson a former armed robber. Adam is disspointed that Grady and Miguel are helping Emmett. On a watch the criminals are found there is shooting and Milford dies. Malloy asks Ada to bring the deposit to the bank, Adam becomes suspisious of the teller. The police investigate and arrest the teller and his friends. The teller, Jerry Mitchell, says they only used prop guns. Adam discovers it was Emmet and arrests him for the shooting.
16. 1-15 15 Feb 92 Backbeat
Synopsis: Grady is at a record store, a limo with Gabrielle, a famous singer pulls up. Some men attack her, Grady stops them and she offeres him a bodyguard job. Grady explains to B that he is taking the job since he wants more for himself than living in a storage room (she will pay him $1500 a week. He earns less than that in a month at Malloys) Adam finds out Feds are investigating Gabrielle for laundering money for the Lassiter family. Adam tries to warm Grady, who is falling for Rielle. Adam and Grady fight. Rielle and Grady have alot in common, both grew up on the streets and both "keep a bag packed in case they have to dissappear in a hurry." The FBI wants Grady to work for them, Adam disagrees and gets suspended. Grady goes to make up with B, finds out about the suspension and decides to work for the FBI. Adam talks to Rielle about turning herself in. She takes some time to decide and as she is about to deliver the $$, Conner her manager comes out, another fight ensues. Adam makes arrests, and Rielle tells Grady she is going to dissapper. He is heartbroken. In the end Grady asks for his job back and Malloy and Adam have fixed up his room.
17. 1-16 22 Feb 92 Debt Of Honor
Synopsis: Adam,Kelsey and the FBi arrest Grady and his friend Gary Torrey who is wanted for bank robberies. Gary helped Grady when he first came to the US and taught him some martial arts. Gary is identified in a line up by a bank manager named Hamilton. In jail Grady visits Gary who says he has committed robberies but not that particular one. Grady tried to convinve Adam to help, but adam believes Gary should be in jail (karma clause, if not for that crime than for the others0 Grady gets himself arrested and sent to jail to help Gary. Miguel has some K-streets watching out for Grady. Grady fights Daggest, the head prisoner and wins. Miguel finds out the Dagget works for the Scolari family. Adam warns Grady and wants Grady outbut he stays, ("I always thought if i had to put my life on the line it would be for you.") Grady and gary are in another fight which they are losing until the K-streeters help. Adam talks to Hamilton and points out his inconsistenices. Malloy tells Adam to bend the law ans Adam gets the twosome out just as a bomb meant for them explodes. Adam, grady and Miguel scareHamilton into telling the truth, the Scolari family launders through the bank. gary still goes to jail for the other robberies.
18. 1-17 29 Feb 92 Bad Choices
Synopsis: Miguel is working at Willis's file clerk. he is watching some recent immigrants, one leaves and ends up beating him up. The man's name is Yen Phan. Willis is later seen burning his papaerwork. Kelsey remarks to Adam that herion in the streets has increased. Adam investigates Miguel's assualt which leads to Old Kim. Willis goes to talk to Old Kim. Willis has allowed old kim to sneak some people on his lists, only to find out the are smuggling herion and Old Kim has framed Willis. Willis discusses the problem with Grady and Miguel who go to steal the paperwork. grady is caught, lands in jail and refuses to tell Adam what is going on. Adam visits Old Kim again, catches him with the heroin however is unable to arrest him when Old Kim tells him how he has framed Willis. Adam frees grady and they search for Yen Pham. They make it look like Yen has gone against Old Kim. Old kim decides to kill Yen, but Adam catches him and makes a deal with Kim not to implicate Willis.
19. 1-18 25 Mar 92 Eye Witness
Synopsis: Miguel and Grady are waiting for Malloy. They are going out to eat for her bday. There is gun shots and John Nardi has shot Frank Harmon. Malloy arrives and is shaken up, no one has seen the crime. Adam, the police and an Organized crime task force run by Maxwell, who wants to be Attny General. The next day Malloy is cranky. The police hear there is a witness (Blonde wearing a red coat) Adam figures out it is Malloy. Malloy has not made up her mind to turn herself in. Grady and Miguel track down Frank Harmon's brother and then leave a meesage for Adam. Adam meets Terry harmon who says Frank was an informant. Miguel and Grady escort Malloy and are arrested by the task force. They are realeased and Malloy stays with Adam. Adam finds Frank's file in Maxwell's office. Adam confronts Nardi and convinces him he is a bad cop, nardi admits to the murder. There is a fight and grady and miguel help Adam. Nardi takes pleas offer and Malloy does not need to testify.
20. 1-19 2 May 92 The Long Way Home
Synopsis: Lt Pine is stressing out (and his wife has walked out on him because of it). He is on a robbery case. There have been multiple robberies and it has been dubbed the dinner time robberies. Dept. Psycologist tells Adam that charlie needs time off. Ada asks Grady to teach Pine some relaxation techniques. In the meantime Pine's father a retured fire fighter visits. In the meantime there is another robbery but someone has been killed. Pine and Adam are supposed to meet Pine's father for lunch, adam attends and discovers the Lt's father was hard on hs son. At another robbery pine looses it, and when he tries to unwind ends up shooting Adam's tv. Pine is placed on leave, but stays involved in solving the crimes (against orders) Adam discovers that all the houses robbed had videos made of their belongings. the tapes though had to be transferred from beta to vhs. The victims all used the same service. The lt finds out and goes to make the bust, adam calls Grady and tells him to get Pineout since if he is caught there he will be fired from the force. Grady saves Pine from being shot and they get away. Adam arrests the perpetrators.
21. 1-20 9 May 92 Catcher
Synopsis: At a stakeout a skip chaser named Sherry Rivers catches the criminal. She used to be a police officer and work with Adam. At the police dept, a little girl named Erin frank runs up to Adam and calls him uncle. She is the Franks foster child, and the father an ex con named Jeff Kruegger wants her back. Adam goes to talk to Jeff and then his lawyer Rudy carter shows up and stops the conversation. the Franks runaway with Erin and Sherry Rivers takes the case. Adam has Miguel and grady follow her. In the meantime Adam investigates Kruegger, everyone thinks he has changed. Rivers stops Miguel and Grady from following her and gets there before Grady and Adam. Erin is taken away and Adam has discovered that her father is planning on selling her. At the trial it looks as though the franks will lose, however Sherri gives Adam the information on where the new parents are. the lawyer and Kruegger are arrested. Adam pretends to arrest Sherry so that her reputation is not effected.
22. 1-21 16 May 92 Missing
Synopsis: Adam is having a nightmare about Vietname, a woman named Mei is leaving him and he is yelling after her, "the papers are almost signed." A knock at the door awakens him and it is a woman who looks like Mei, but her name is Lan Dunaway and Adam saved her husband John's life in Vietnam. She wants Adam's help, John is an MIA. Adam makes some phone calls and finds out the government's comment is "there are no MIA's in Vietnam." Adam promises to help, but is also on stakeout with kelsey waiting for Tran Bu (Big White) to come in. The FBI are after Lan, she has stolen files, Grady and Adam help her get away and she hides at Adam's home. Lan has proof John's alive and Grady and Willis go and talk to Old Kim who says he will help. Lan and Adam have dinner and discuss Vietnam, lan helps Adam make peace with Mei's spirit. Old Kim sends a pic of John taken 5 years ago. Feds know that Lan is at Adam's. Old Kim visits Adam at stakeout and says the favor he wants is to call off the stakeout. Grady moves Lan to the bar. Adam arrests Tran Bu who ends up being John Dunaway.Adam interrogates John and discovers he is crazy. Adam goes to the bar and tells Lan that John is dead. Grady whisks Lan off to a secret location. When Adam asks where she is Grady says he can not tell Adam, but that Lan sent a message. "Life is long."