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Welcome to Jen and Mandi's website!

Jen is on the left, Mandi on the right. This picture was taken Dec 2000 at Jen's house.


Looking for more address labels but don't want to pay the prices of Artistic Greetings or Colorful Images? Jen makes labels with pictures that you give her! Currently picts must be on a disk, on the internet somewhere or sent to her via e-mail. They are colorful as well as cheap. Prices are $1 (US) for a sheet of 30 nonstick labels. You can send her a blank sheet of labels and pay only $1 per set, if you privide the blank labels. The price for regular sticky labels is $3 per sheet. This includes shipping. As an added bonus if you order 5 sets at the same time, you will get a 6th set for free . That is right, for free. She is in the process of getting a scanner and soon you will be able to send her any picture so she can put it on a label for you. Picture it now, having a picture of your pet or favorite athlete or anyone there. Want to see sample layouts? E-mail Jen for more info.

More about us

Jen and I love Paints, Friesians, Warmbloods and tons of other breeds. We love riding english and western, jumping, trail rides and just about anything else dealing with horses. Robert Vavra is one of our favorite equine photographers. He is so amazing. He did the picture below this. We also love pen palling and have been doing it for years. That is actually how the two of us got to know each other. If everything works out this summer, we will meet and spend tons of time together. It should be a blast. We are already planning what we want to do. Want to know more about Mandi? Want to know more about Jen?

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