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Densa Quiz #2

Here is Densa Quiz #2, like Densa #1 the answers & scoring are after the questions. Remember, all the quizzes are for fun so don't take it seriously, HAVE FUN!!!

1.How far can a dog run into the woods?

2.How is it that a person born in Massachusetts, whose parents were both born in Massachusetts, is not born a U.S. Citizen?

3.Clara Clatter was born on December 27, on a hot summers day. How is that possible?

4.How can a woman in New York, without getting a divorce or becoming a widow, or otherwise legally separated, legally marry 10 men?

5.Why are 1990 dollar bills worth more than 1989 dollar bills?

6.Explain how a taxi can reach its destination in an hour and a half, but take 90 minutes to return when there is no other traffic?

7.Even when the Arctic natives are starving, why won't they eat penguin eggs?

8.Why can't you take a picture of a man with a wooden leg?


1. 1/2 way, once 1/2 way in, the dog is running out.
2. Prior to 1789, when the constitution was ratified, Massachussets was an English colony and the United States didn't exist.

3. The southern hemisphere has its summer during our winter .

4. Only if it was her job, as in Justice of the Peace or a Minister.

5. $1,990.00 is one more dollar than $1,989.00

6. An hour and a half is the same as 90 minutes!

7. Penguins live in the Antarctic, not the Arctic.

8. You need a camera to take a picture of a man, not a wooden leg!


8 correct answers: Genius
7 correct answers: Above Normal
5-6 correct answers: Normal
3-4 correct answers: Slow
1-2 correct answers: Idiot
0 correct answers: Brain Dead