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#9 - Mia Hamm

Position: Forward
D/O/B: 3-17-72
Hometown: All over (Air Force kid)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130
Caps/Goals: 179/111
Named Athlete of the Year in 1997 by the Women's Sports Foundation, Mia Hamm led UNC to 4 NCAA Championships.....She became the youngest woman to ever play on the National Team at age 15.....She holds a world record of 111 international goals scored.....Has won five straight Female Athlete of the Year Awards....Had 20 goals, 20 assists, and 3 hat tricks in 1998, all team bests.....ESPN honored her with the ESPY Award for Outstanding Female Athlete in 1997.....World's second most capped player behind Kristine Lilly....Nike named a Nike Campus building after her
There is a transcript from an AOL chat with Mia Hamm below.

ADMiaHamm : I would like to thank everyone that is wired in tonight to talk about soccer. I am doing this from an airplane right now! I will only be able to do this for a short time tonight, but I hope to be back soon.
Question : At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a soccer player?
ADMiaHamm : I knew when I made the National Team at age 15 that soccer is what I wanted to do with my life.
Question : Mia, how did you like your visit to Chattanooga recently? The soccer community here was so very excited to have National here!
ADMiaHamm : It was great! Everyone was very hospitable and we really appreciated the support
Question : Did you ever not make a team when you were younger just because you were a girl? And if so what gave you the inspiration to keep trying anyway?
ADMiaHamm : No, I made every team I tried out for, and I hoped it was because I was good enough.
Question : Hey Mia...I played for West Springfield your senior year of high you remember beating us 4-0 and scoring all four of the goals??
ADMiaHamm : Yes! LOL I remember that game well.
Question : I am looking for a college scholarship to a Division I or II school, do you have any tips on how to be looked at or to better yourself into getting a scholarship?
ADMiaHamm : Well I think the first thing is that you need to be organized and compete in as many tournaments that you can where a lot of college coaches attend.
Question : I loved your shampoo commercial, what is it fun making it? any acting plans?
ADMiaHamm : It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of fun! No, I don't have any serious acting plans :)
Question : Mia and Julie my daughter plays on a U 12 traveling team and she looks up to both of you as role models can either of you tell her what kind of drill will help her kick the ball better?
ADMiaHamm : A lot of shooting... you need to just get your foot on the ball as much as possible and that will improve her skills.
Question : what was your greatest moment in soccer?
ADMiaHamm : The Olympics for sure
Question : what do u think is better .........running a long distance at a regular pace or running and doing sprints on end lines or conditioning?
ADMiaHamm : Well, they both serve a purpose, but for me I would rather sprint because it helps my speed and keeps me fit.
Question : How much do u practice each day?
ADMiaHamm : With a soccer ball, about 2 or 3 hours... then I do sprints also for a while
Question : Mia and Julie, I went to the Olympic women's soccer finals in Athens and you both played great as usual. I was wondering what was the best part of winning a gold medal?
ADMiaHamm : I think just being part of that team and we accomplished something that we all worked hard for
Question : Mia, Any idea or preference as to what team you would like to be on in the upcoming women's league in the USA (NAS)?
ADMiaHamm : No, my first priority is that it happens. I just want to play.
Question : Mia.....who is the best defender you've ever played against?
ADMiaHamm : That is really hard to say, there are a lot of great players out there and I just can't name one
Question : Where is the next place the national team will be playing?
ADMiaHamm : We actually go to Brazil in December.
Question : I know you do a lot of soccer clinics...any scheduled in the Boston area anytime soon?
ADMiaHamm : Not that I know of, but it doesn't mean that can't happen! :)
Question : Do people often recognize you in public?? Also, do you talk on American Online often, like when your not busy
ADMiaHamm : Not a lot of people recognize me in public, and I don't have a lot of free time to do AOL stuff, but I do enjoy the internet when I have free time
Question : are you going to be appearing on any talk shows soon?
ADMiaHamm : No, I don't think so.
Question : Did you ever do ODP When you were younger?
ADMiaHamm : Yes, I did it as a way to get recognized. Thanks to everyone!

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