Yankee fans: get a life and leave me alone!

Yankees Suck!!! Yankees Suck!!! Yankees Suck!!!

WARNING: Site has not been updated since 2000, some material may be outdated.

Hey moron Yankee fans (wow, that was redundant)let me save you from getting your panties all in a bunch by saying this site is supposed to be a joke. So don't waste your time e-mailing me or signing my slambook with your idiocy cuz I'm not looking at it. Also, please note the aforementioned warning. It will save you a lot of trouble.

If you are a Yankee fan, HERE'S where to go!

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Why I Hate the New York Yankees

This is mad funny!! Mr. T vs. Roger Clemens!!!!

*Highly recommendedUgly Jeter

*Highly recommendedUgly Yankees

Boston Sports Guy's 20 Questions About the Yankees

My favorite Pics of Nomar!

*EXCLUSIVE! MY DAY AT NOMAR BOWL!! (includes pictures)

*I was FEATURED in this Nomar Article!!

Polls: Take the Boston Teams Poll, the Hated People poll or, my favorite, the Nomar poll!!!!!!

There's Nomar, Derek Lowe, Saberhagen, Ty Law and uh...er...the Zoom people. CHECK IT OUT!!! Me and Famous People!!!

This section features great Nomar, Sox and Brood Quotes

Some Yahoo Nomar Clubs I belong to The Nomar Garciaparra Fan Club Garciaparra Central Nomar Garciaparra's Fan Club (different from the first)
and of courseShirtless Athletes has a WONDERFUL pic 'o Nomar!!! And Shirtless Athletes 2 has even better pics!! Check it out NOW!!!!! (The funk soul brother!)

*****These are a few of my favorite LINKS!!!!*****

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