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This is my friend dan's site... Rather odd but the stories are wicked kewl if you can get through some of his prattle, but it's worth the time.

This is skippy's page.. if you like hanson Vw beetles's and glitter, then this is the site for you.

Ah Schwartzy's page, definatly a site (Excuse the pun it wasn't intended) to see. It's got more html tricks than you could shake a stick at:

This is erin's site.. it's kewl.. she just moved it and she already has a ton of hits so go check it out! -From her qoutes page: " "Everybody is somebody else's weirdo." -Dilbert"
Ah Altavista translations, where you can find my browser when I have german homework. This site is worth a look Very good choice if you study a foreign language. You didn't get this link here if your teacher asks. But be careful it does translations word by word.
The power of the Babelfish!

This is Seti@home, it allows you to crunch numbers on your computer in a screen saver... info that might help us find intellegent life. (Everyone knows you can't find it on this site) Check out their site for all the details. It's well organized (unlike my room) and it's worth a look.

The is the funiest site on the web. No lie. It even has a "stress relief" page where you can blow up an (Animated)fish, or shock him. It's sooo great. The articles are really good to. Try filling out the form it asks you a lot of silly things... this page get's my approval!!!!!

This is one of the coolest things I've heard of.. go here now and you can send a message to whatever civilization is on earth in 50,000 (I'm being serious)

This is one of the greatest bands! Phish! Vermonts Phinest! They have great stuff on the band and some great stuff on sale.