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  2pacs Paradise - July 3rd 2001 this site has been open for 2 years!!!!!

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Rare Facts

Tupac's birthname was Lesane Parish Crooks
Tupac was born in Brooklyn, New York
There was a time before Tupac was famous when he found out that there was a group of people pissed off and looking for him, so he went home put on his vest, strapped himself with every gun he had, knocked on the door of the people that were looking for him and said "Are you looking for me!". Apparantly someone in Tupac's family put out word to make sure nothing happend to him, but they thought he was a crazy motherfucker and respected him for it.
Wendy Williams said that Tupac got raped in Jail, Tupac retaliated in the unreleased song "Why U Turn on Me" where he goes off "I'm gonna put a $20000 hit, through Jenny Craig, to come find your ass and put you in a fat farm, you fat bitch" and so on.
Tupac was supposed to star in Menace to Society but when given a part bigger than what he wanted he got into a fight with the Hughes brothers who were directing the movie. Tupac said "I hit one of them and he dropped, the other one ran like a bitch"
Tupac believed his rape case was part of a setup by Jaques Agnant aka Hatian Jack, who Tupac claimed was part of the situation. Tupac retaliated in "Against all Odds" on the Makaveli CD claiming that Jacques Agnant was a government informant "Same Crime, different trials nigga picture what I said". Agnant is suing Tupacs estate for in excess of $200 million because he says there's been numerous attempts on his life and he can't find work now. I also heard a rumor he was recently hired as Puff Daddy's body guard.
Badboy was supposedly funded by the Black Mafia, a gang in which King Tut belonged to. Tupac was hanging around Tut the week he got shot, and supposedly they wanted him to join Badboy. Tupac refused which may have been the reason he was shot. Tut was later murdered. In the song "Against all Odds", Pac says "Gun shots to Tut, now you stuck."
Tupac studied drama at Baltimore's School For The Arts, where he rapped under the name MC New York.
While he was with Digital Underground, someone once shoved a 12 gauge shotgun in 2Pacs face because of a dispute over a girl after Pac appeared with digital underground at a Martin Luther King Jr festival.
Porn Star Spontaneous XXXStacy, whos been in mags like Portfolio and Players has a tattoo on her arm with Tupacs name and the title of the song "Keep Ya Head Up."
THUGLIFE stands for "The Hate U Give Lil Infants Fuck Everybody"
NIGGA stands for "Never ignorant getting goals accomplished"
MOB stands for Member of bloods and/or Money over Bitches
While doing a show in Marin County Tupac got into an altercation which was handled really bad by the Marin County Sherrifs department, gun shots were fired and a shot from someone's gun ricocheted and killed a little kid.
Tupac was banned from playing in many states because his concerts were wild. His song Initiated on the Daz CD says "My lyrics so lethal turn coliseums to murder scenes." He was sued by a woman who was shot and paralyzed at a concert he held in 1993. She said he got the crowd to rowdy.
Tupac was married to Keisha Morris but the marriage was annulled. In the unreleased song "Ghetto Star" with Bad Azz he says "an addict for a wife, livin the life, of a ghetto star". She has a Tupac tattoo on her arm.
Tupac planned on being an actor before he ever thought about being a rapper.
Tupac is in the Guiness book of world records as the most successfull rapper of all time.
Tupac dissed Nas all the time for biting his style, "This little nigger named Nas think he live like me, talking bout he left the hospital took 5 like me", Nas even retaliated in songs and possible was even part of a conspiracy to kill Pac, now that Pac's gone Nas continues to bite Pac's style and writes songs giving Pac praise and saying how good he was.
Tupac was one of the main reasons Dre left the row, Dre needed to be at Snoops trial as a witness, all he had to do was say Snoop couldn't have commited the murder because him and Snoop were together that day, which they were, and snoop would have been cleared, but Dre never showed up. Tupac didn't like that disrespect. Pac also didn't like the fact that Dre hadn't done anything in years and also made fun of Dre for being gay.
Stretch was Tupac's friend and was there when Pac got shot the first time. He was later killed exactly 1 year to the date of that shooting. Pac says "and to that nigga that was down for me, rest his head, switched sides guess his new friends wanted him dead."
The Bootcamp Click also had a beef with Badboy and liked the song Hitemup so Pac and the Bootcamp hooked up on a CD called One Nation which hasn't been released dissing Badboy and trying to squash the eastcoast/westcoast beef.