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   Every year insurance companies turn-over a surprising number of accounts to state unclaimed property offices.The state that was the last known residence of the policyowner is generally the state that gets the money.State laws vary as to when the policy values must be turned over to the state.It can be as little as a few years or as many as 100 years.It is, however, very easy to contact the state and ask.Some states even allow you to search on-line.

   The amount that would be turned over to the state is not necessarily the full death benefit.The amount is based on the cash value in the contract.

   Here are the links to the state unclaimed property offices.Usually it is a part of the Treasurerís office.Most are direct links.Remember, information on the web is not uniform. Some states offer online searches and information with translations in several languages, while other states provide only an address and a phone number.