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Drivetrain Codes-

801CCFCE ????

Drivetrain modifier values-
3B01- FF
3B00- RR
3A02- MR
3901- 4WD

Engine Swap Codes

801CCFCD ????

Engine Modifier Digits-
3A02- V12 DOHC
3A01- I4 DOHC
3A00- I4 OHV
3B00- Boxer6 SOHC
3B01- V6 DOHC
3B02- V8 DOHC

Tire Modifier

Front 801CCFD6 ????
Rear 801CCFD8 ????

Example Tire Values
A90A- HKS Drag Car F-Skinny R-Wide Normal
E90A- HKS Drag Car F-Skinny R-Wide Super Soft
F810- GT40 Wide Normal
F710- GT40 Wide Super Soft

NOTE1: The Engine codes WILL NOT work if you go into settings then race. You MUST go into settings then change what you want, then EXIT out to the City Screen, and re-enter the race with out going into settings screen
NOTE2: Tire codes can be mixed with Front and Rear. Example: HKS Drag Car Front Skinnys with GT40 Rear Tires
NOTE3: All Engine Values are not yet available, for expample: Rotary engines, please wait for an update for a complete listing
NOTE4: Use these codes for Garage Slot 1, an easy way to get your car to garage slot 1 is to hit START on the car you want to be listed first