By David V Hobbs

I pray unto thee Lord God guide of ancient kings
that thou wouldst grant success in my self hypnosis project
in which I hypnotize my self into experiencing
a good transcendental high on good stuff that's perfect
even though I do'nt actually consume the intoxicating thing
When Christ Yayzoos taught the middle eastern humans
to relax and when praying beleive they'd receive
the things they asked for in prayers to the enemy of satan
Christ was teaching them self hypnosis when he taught them to believe
And since you allow folks to experience transcendental things
when they consume various things that cause intoxication
I do not see why you would then not be willing
to allow people to experience such exaltation
through self hypnosis without drugs that are intoxicating
God, I pray to you that the reading of these words
would have the effect of improving my heart mind and soul
and improving everyone else in the world
so that in the future a happy history will be told
I ask these things of you most powerful God in the name
of your son Yayzoos who by the name Jesus amongst us is famed

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@1999 David V Hobbs