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Welcome to VCARE - Vadodara Center for Animal Rescue and Emergency!


VCARE - recently established in Vadodara(Baroda), to love animals, pets or strays, share in their unconditional freindship, reduce their sorrow, and alleviate their pain.

VCARE desperately needs funds to help construct our shelter

VCARE is ...

An Animal Welfare voluntary organisation, single-mindedly working towards making the world a better place to live in for the helpless, stray, unwanted and/or diseased animals.
A movement that Reaches Out to promote kindness towards animals and our feathered friends, to educate and spread awareness that animals are an integral part of our society, and to show that animals are a tremendous emotional support and have time and again proven to be Man's best friend.
A Law Enforcement Agency to prevent cruelty to animals, and insuring that those found violating basic animal rights be taken and brought to book.

What will VCARE do?

Provide basic veterinary services, including ambulance services.
Educate children and adults about animal welfare through workshops, seminars and other such activities.
Attend rescue calls.
Rehome animals as far as possible.
Help check overpopulation of animals, by sterilizing them.
Provide animal therapy for children with special needs.
Endeavour to promote interaction with animals as companions to the old and infirm.

Very shortly VCARE will have ...

  1. An animal Shelter for rescued, found and abandoned animals.
  2. An Out-Patient Clinic to examine sick animals, treat injuries, perform surgeries and sterilizations, administer vaccinations.
  3. Boarding Kennels to house pets when owners are out of town, making sure that pets receive the same love and care when their masters and mistresses are not around.
  4. A Counselling Hot Line for pet owners who can call up if their pets are behaving abnormally, appear ill or are in pain.  It could be just a bout of moodiness or irritability and we want you to know that there is someone to help the one you love.
  5. Write-in Queries service whereby you could drop us a line regarding an animal related problem and we will get back to you with the solutions.
  6. Licensing / Identity Tags to trace runaway pets, so that they can be easily traced and returned to you by finders.
  7. A modest programme using Animal Therapy for mentally challenged children / children with special needs using guidelines from CHATA (Children in Hospital and Animal Therapy Association), London.

VCARE's long-term plans include an Animal Hospital with ICU facilities, Shelters for both large and small animals, and living quarters for a team of Veterinary Doctors, Hospital Assistants, Attendants attached to the Hospital.

VCARE invites all two-legged Friends of Animals to join VCARE's efforts and donate their time, expertise, cash and whatever else they think an organisation devoted to the well-being of animals needs.  You may even remember VCARE in your Will.

VCARE has received the 80-G Certificate from the Income Tax Department and anybody giving a donation of Rs. 250/- and above can avail of the same.

VCARE has also received the Certificate of Affiliation from the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), London.