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The Babysitter's Phone Call

The babysitter had just put the children to bed and settled down to watch TV when the phone rang. It was a heavy breather, a really creepy heavy breather. She hung the phone up immediately and hoped it wouldn't happen again. But five minutes later the phone rang, and it's the heavy breather laughing. She hangs up but it rings again. This time the caller says in a hoarse and menacing voice, "Aren't you going to check on the children?"

The babysitter freaks out and calls the operator, who tells her to keep the caller on the line the next time so they can trace the call. So the babysitter does just what she was told to do. And the operator calls back and says, "Get out of the house!! Get out of the house!! Get the children and get out of the house!! The call is coming from a different phone line in the house!"

The girl runs to get the children but they are lying in pools of blood. Their throats had been slit. The babysitter jumps out a window and runs to safety.
The Thoughtful Roommate

Two friends moved to New York, and because rent is so high, they had to share a studio apartment. Liz was a real party girl and Susie was a stay-at-home type. It was Friday night, and Liz was heading out for another wild night on the town, when she invited Susie to come along. Susie declined and said she was going to read and then go to bed early.

Liz had been out at the local bar for a few hours when she drunkenly decided that she needed to put on more lipstick. But she had left her lipstick in the apartment. Stumbling up the stairs, she quietly opened the door and went to get the lipstick without turning on the light, so as not to wake up Susie. It turned out that the lipstick did the trick and Liz found a companion for the evening.

When she got home the next morning, she opened the door and screamed. Susie's head had been cut off and was lying on the floor. Scrawled in her blood on the walls were the words "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?"

The Bad Guy in the Backseat

It was a dark and foggy night. Denise was having trouble staying awake and the road was slick. Her anxiety level was not helped by the fact that she was running low on gas and didn't know where the next town was. Finally, just as she thought she would have to pull over and sleep till morning on the side of the road, a tiny gas station appeared--very rundown, but a gas station nonetheless. She pulled in.

The attendant made his way around the car and seemed to be very distracted as she asked him to fill it up, and even seemed to be making faces at her. He finally agreed to get the gas, but then asked her to pop the hood of the car because it "smelled like trouble."

Her anxiety from being on the road was starting to flare up again, she was all alone in a creepy gas station out in the middle of nowhere and an attendant was finding reasons to keep her there. He asked her to come look at the engine, he had to "show her something". Not knowing what else to do, almost as if in a daze, she did as he asked, all the while wondering why she didn't scream.

As she rounded the front of the car he grabbed her arm and said, "This car needs a tow, you'll have to come with me into the office." Then he put his hand over her mouth and forced her into the office. She began to bite his hand once they were inside and he let her go and said, "I'm sorry, but there is a man crouched down in the backseat of your car and I didn't want him to know that I'd seen him."

They called the police who came to arrest the serial killer who, unbeknownst to Denise, had stowed away in her car and was waiting for the opportune moment to add her to his list of victims.

Denise and the gas attendant now own the station and their three kids help them with the chores.

Isn't that sweet?
( I liked it better in Urban Legends where she DIES!DIE BI*CH! DIE!)

Attempted Mall Murder

Based on a Member Submitted Legend
From: IanLOL
Filed: August 2, 1997

Ethel had been having the time of her life in the mall. How she loved all the shops! Things for sale! Whoopee! Alas, it was time for her to return home to make George's dinner, meatloaf and beets. She made her way out to the parking lot...

As she approached her Continental, she saw a clean cut young man holding a briefcase standing next to her gleaming gas guzzler.

"Is this your car, ma'am," he politely asked. She told him it was indeed, didn't the license plate say Ethel and wasn't that her name?

The young man laughed and said, "I'm sorry to trouble you but I have been standing at your car for a good while. I chased away some young men trying to break into it and I wanted to make sure they didn't come back."

Ethel gasped and put her hand up to her mouth. She regained her composure and thanked the young man profusely. Shifting her gigantic yellow purse over her shoulder, she made her way around the car and got into the driver's seat.

Then the young man haltingly asked, "I missed my bus whilst waiting for you think you could give me a ride? My girlfriend is waiting for me at the bus station."

Ethel thought that it would be un-American to strand this poor boy who had done her such a great service.

So he throws his bag onto the rear seat and sits in the passenger seat.

Suddenly, realising she has a total stranger sitting next to her Etehl feels unnerved. "What a mistake," she thinks. "He could be anybody!"

She batted her fake eyelashes at him and asked if he would be so kind as to direct her out of the tiny parking space. So he gets out of the car and stands at the rear and guides her out of the space. As she pulls out she suddenly accelerates away and leaves him standing in the parking lot.

She drives home as quickly as she can and only upon unloading the car realises his bag is still on the rear seat. She looks into the bag and finds a rope, some handcuffs and a mask! And worst of all, a loaded gun!

Ethel made George's meatloaf and beets knowing she was lucky to be alive...

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

A carload of guys going stag to the prom (now, isn't that suspicious?) pick up a beautiful young woman hitchhiking. She doesn't have any plans for the evening, so she accompanies them to the prom and dances with all of them. Yet despite the summer evening, and despite the tuxedo jacket that one of them lends her, she's still cold.

When it's time to go home, they drop her off on the pleasant tree-lined street in front of the quiet house she requests. Next day, the guy whose jacket she borrowed goes to collect it. The middle-aged woman who answers the door looks surprised, and then shows a photograph of the hitchhiking beauty, who was, of course, killed in a car accident twenty years earlier on the same stretch of road where the guys picked her up.

(hmm.. sounds like something Pat would do.....)

Member Submitted

From: Wendell683
Filed: October 26, 1996

It is always a wonderful experience to camp in the wilds, especially under the stars in the southwest, with the warm summer winds to embrace you throughout the night.

Yet one must always be on guard for "La Charona". She brutally murdered her own children one lonely night while waiting for a lover/husband to return. Feeling lost and abandoned she took an axe and mutilated the bodies of her own children.

After seeing the results of her handiwork, she went stark raving mad. Now she roams campgrounds and campsites in search of her two lost children. She thinks that if she can look into their eyes she will recognize them.

So NEVER sleep on your back while camping. "La Charona" waits over the faces of sleeping campers so that when they open their eyes in the morning she can see if they are her children.

She will wait all night ... she will wait very quietly ... she will wait for YOU!!!!!

San Antonio Bus Tragedy

From: IR1E

Visiting San Antonio? You don't want to miss this site.

A bus driver was bringing a group of elementary school kids to school one morning. As he was crossing the railroad tracks, the bus had stalled. All the children got out and tried to push the bus across the tracks. Before they knew it a train came and killed everyone, except for the bus driver.

Now, people come to the site to witness a hair raising experience.

First you must sprinkle baby powder on the trunk and bumper of your car. Then drive your car so it is situated on the middle of the tracks. Put your car in neutral and wait. Notice that there are no hills around.

About ten to fifteen minutes later you will feel your car jerk forward, and then slowly move off the tracks. When you step out your car look at your trunk and bumper. There you will see many little hand prints. Just a helping hand!