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Rattle snake ANOTHER

I Would Like To Thank The Folloing People For The Part They Did In Helping Me With My Web Page:

JEREMY: For Helping Me Get Most Of The Pictures On My Page.
SEAN: For Teaching Me All The Begginer's HTML Code.
BRIAN: For Giving Me The Builder For My Site.


12/2/99: I have been grounded for a while, but i got my mom to let me online to update my web page;I made an updates page; a little while ago i put on some java appletts and java scripts, but i forget when i did that so im just gonna do that today.
12/6/99: I just uploaded my banner to my site (click here to see it) and also put it on a page with the HTML code so people can link to it. please link to my site.
12/7/99: I have some serious rearranging in the web shell (where i work on my page) moving pics to different directories and shit like that. some pics on my page may not work because i havent fixed all the HTML for them. but wory not, the majoroity of them will work. and most of the good pics will work too.
12/10/99: I FINALLY remembered to fix my site. most (if not all)of the picturess should work now. 12-13-99: Today I am gonna make sure that ALL of the pics work. f they dont all work, i am either a moron or my mom got really pissed and made me sign offline.
12/14/99: I didnt make all the pics on my page work because i was almost done and i got cut offline and i got too frustrated to fix it so i didnt do it yet. i am adding some more java scripts too my site today though, it's gonna be coo. 12/28/99: DAMMIT!!!! A buttload of pics on my site dont work and i am to damn lazy to fix all of them!!! ill fix them someday when i feel like it.

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