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My Three (3) Favorite Bands Are As Followed:

Right Now My Current Height is 6' 1/2" I Am 14 Years Old I Have Blue Eyes and Light Blonde Hair, I go To A Voc. Tech. School called "WHITTIER REGIONAL VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL" in Massachusetts. At My School, I Take Electronics/Robotics For A Shop. Next Year We Get The Chance To Go Into Telecommunications (PC Repair) And I Hope I Get Into That.

I Dont Have That Great Of A Computer, But It Works For Me. It Is A Hewlett-packard 5010 100Mhz 486dx4 Processor With 32-Megs Of Ram And A 605 Meg. Hard Drive. I Am Running On The Net With A 14.4 Kpbs Data/fax Modem. We Did Buy A 56Kpbs Modem, But It Dosent Work Becasue Of A Certain Individual (No Names SEAN) We Just Got Our Pentium Computer. My Mom Hates It Cuz She Dosent Know How To Use It, So I Keep Asking Her If I Can Have It.