This is just the starter-upper page......the one where I warn you that the next one will take a little bit of time to load because of all the interesting (maybe that should be interestingLY LARGE?? *lmao*) tidbits on there. *g*

This site was updated in the wee hours of 02/28/99!! *g*

Click the fishy welcome mat to enter! *g*


Oh, and very soon I might just jump on the bandwagon and write a spiffy little story thingy for this entry page, just like my friends. *lmao* But mine will be sillier than theirs. *lmao*


All of the madness in this page is mine, and no one else's, except where I state that it is someone else's, but I always give due credit. *l* So like I implied before, it would be terribly nice of you to not snitch stuff (gifs and BGs not included) from my site. *s*
*l* I trust that you will not plagiarize me. *lmao* Thank you. *l* *g*


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