Dragon Gate School of Internal Arts and Healing





Dragon Gate Baguazhang

School of Eight Transformations

Sifu Christopher Lee Matsuo L.Ac.
[Honolulu Hawaii]
[Sifu Matsuo's Classes Closed To Public]

  • Internal Martial Arts Research Institute. Director of Baguazhang
  • -Practiioner of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • -Teacher of Baguazhang Qi Gong & Gung Fu
  • -Teacher of Shorinjin Ryu Ninjutsu & Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu
  • -Teacher of Tibetan, Chinese and Mikkyo energetic healing techniques & spiritual practices
  • -overseeing branch schools in CA, TX, AZ, HI

    Shihan Hidetoshi Mitsuoka
    Internal Martial Arts Research Institute
    Japan Headquarters Overseeing the Dragon Gate School

    Sensei Ray Carbullito (The Head Instructor)
    [Main Branch: Honolulu, Hawaii]

    Dr. Vance T.Inouye
    [Tenchi Shiki Arizona Branch]

    Eric Portelli
    Melvin Tabilas
    [Southern California Branch]

    Kyle Narimasu
    [Big Island, Kona Branch]

    Shawn Douglass
    [North California Branch]

    Glenn Passion
    Hilo, Hawaii Branch

    Adam Robinson
    [San Francisco Branch]

    Glenn Kondo, Andrew Plack
    [Brother Branch, Internal Martial Arts Reaserch Institute]

    Sam Ishigo
    [Mother Branch, Shorinjin Ryu Ninjitsu]

    Tibetan, Taoist & Mikkyo Healing Classes
    Ancient science of Healing applied through advanced alchemical concepts and formulas. Application using ancient and modern developments from over 8000 years of unbroken healing tradition.
    Dragon Gate School Healing 'Closed to Public'

    Dragon Gate Taoist Acupuncture Treatments

    Ancient Shamanism
    Empowerments, Transmissions, Articulate Wisdom of the Elements, Alchemy, and Energy.

    Bagua Chi Kung (Qi Gong)
    Baguazhang (8 trigram palm) is a true health treasure created by Sages.
    It contains within it's art, iron shirt, bone marrow washing, tendon changing
    Qi development, and much more. Its movements are beautiful, circular &
    spiraling. Energetic Poetry. Taoist Internal Kung Fu!!!

    Baguazhang 8 Trigram Palm
    This morning class covers every aspect of this beautiful art.
    Taoist Principles through physical movements to prepare and balance.
    Circle walking form practice. Water Dragon set teaches reeling and fa jing & fa chi.
    Eight Mother Palms set teaches the application of the movements to the circle walking as well as the Chin na (joint locking), throws and internal palm strikes..
    Tui shou Bagua rolling hands sets teach fighting application. Broadsword set teaches
    the extension of the techniques into a weapon. Strait Sword, Staff, Tibetan Snake, Snake Bagua, Etc. Study of the Trigrams as it applies to the
    Bagua art in all aspects. This art has much depth.


    List of Forms

    Shorinjin Ryu Ninjitsu
    Authentic Fukushima Valley Ninjitsu.
    Sensei Matsuo was personally trained by
    Ninjitsu Master Sam Ishigo on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is a highly evolved
    art based on the human energy system & the concepts hidden in ancient
    Buddhist stupas. There is only one way to truly learn this art... total immersion.
    Sincere thanks to Ishigo Sensei for the immortal gift of Ninjitsu.. [This class is now run by Ray Carbullito honoring his teachers and ancestors by passing on the knowledge to those with sincere hearts]

    Head Sensei Ray Carbullido
    Sensei Ray Carbullido is now the ony practicing Master of this system and the only one to reach the level of Ninjitsu Mastery (Shinmyo Ken 'divine sword')This level of mastery covers all aspects of Martial Arts, Sorcery and Healing. Ray is also highly respected for his Mastery of Baguazhang, Daito Ryu and the Sword. He is the Most Gifted Practitioner in the History of this Art since it Came to Hawaii


    Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu
    One of the oldest martial arts of Japan. Originally taught to only the highest
    ranking Samurai. Matsuo Sensei has been teaching the art on Aikijujitsu since
    moving to Honolulu in 1993. He is a personal student of Hidetoshi Mitsuoka [Internal Martial Arts Research Institute]and

    [This class is now Taught by Sensei Ray Carbullito]

    Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu

    Sifu-Sensei Matsuo runs a 'closed door' School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Time does not allow him to teach public classes. However, He has been providing Regular Seminars twice a year to The Arizona Branch run by Dr. Inouye through the sponsorship of Tenchiaz and Master Corona's Martial Arts Academy. These Seminars cover Tibetan, Taoist and Mikkyo subjects for spiritual & practical development such as: Energetic Healing, Sorcery, Alchemy, Martial arts, Dim Mak, Qi Gong, Internal Iron palm, Ninjistu, Bagua, Aikijujitsu, Reijutsu (Reiki), Weapons etc.For information reguarding these seminars, Please contact Dr. Vance T. Inouye.

    Vajra Ksatriya
    Dragon Gate Shaman's Club
    All aspects of the school are applied and perfected in this club. This club is closed to the public and was created for the long standing members of the School.

    Dr Vance T. Inouye: Heaven & Earth Institute for Health and Longevity
    Background: Dr. Vance Inouye is Naturopathic Physician in general practice in North Scottsdale. Listed below are his qualifications: Staff Physician at Spire Institute in North Scottsdale Former Supervising Physician at the Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center; teaching facility for the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences. Director of the Tenchi Shiki Ryoho, LLC (Heaven & Earth Institute for Health and Longevity) Member of the Board of Advisors for the International Nutritional Microscopy Association Served as a focus committee member for the Mesa Community College Holistic Health Program

    The Theraputic Healing Corner

    Kahuna Matada

    Email: msensei@aloha.net