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We are Mickey and Mallory, a happily married white couple, who open our rural Blackstone Mass home to other couples to enjoy a night of adult entertainment. Come and relax in our hot tub, watch our big screen TV, shoot a game of pool, or engage in conversation. We entertain on alternate Friday evenings, and have had from two to nine couples. This makes our place comfortable for those who are on the shy side, or just simply prefer smaller get-togethers. Please take into consideration that we are in Massachusetts, so if you live in Denmark, and do not own a private jet, it would be difficult for you to participate. So if you like you can give us a call 1-508-883-6243 no later then 830pm FEMALE MUST MAKE FRIST CALL IF SHE IS NOT THERE DO NOT CALL WE WILL HANG UP SORRY WE HAVE TO BE THIS WAY NO SINGLE MALES NO SINGLE MALES PLEASE FIND A DATE AND YOU WILL BE MORE THEN WELCOME It's been awhile since our last update, partly due to comuter problems and partly due to being just plain busy with the phone calls and parties...our last party, 2 weeks ago, resulted in some interesting goings-on...we had a multi-orgasmic SQIRTER (first we've ever seen), a guy who joined us with both his wife and his girlfriend, and another fellow who was so tuckered out at the end of the evening, that he almost fell asleep (and may have drowned!) in the hot tub!!! Well, I guess you get the general idea. Our get-togethers are small, but we always seem to come up with a curious mix of people. And we always have fun. On a business note, we would really like to update our site with pages and additional photos and other such fun things, but we are semi-computer illiterate. We would appreciate any assistance to help us to achieve our goals, as the help tools provided are a little too confusing. Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you soon. By the way, we have noticed that many of you have been visiting our site, but have been too bashful to sign our address book. Don't be shy, we would appreciate any input regarding our site or our get-togethers. We will notify you of our next party, and hope to see some repeat visitors. Be patient with us, as this is our first attempt at a web site, and we will continually strive to improve. We will be uploading photos, and adding graphics, as well as keeping you updated as to specific dates of parties and how many couples had attended at previous gatherings. We would also appreciate any assistance in our attempt to make this a better web site.We also have a new E-mail address

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