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Links To Others Wolves Pages

On this page you will find links to other web sites about wolves which I have found to be very useful as well as interesting.

General/Photo Galleries

The Searching Wolf
A comprehensive site which contains lists of books, articles, news, photos, sounds, and over 200 web sites about wolves. One of the best starting places for wolf information on the Internet.

International Wolf Center
The home page for the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota has news and information, pictures, educational resources and telemetry data so you can watch the movements of wolves in Northeastern Minnesota.

Desert Moon's Wolf Page
A nice site containing links to wolf-related sites and resources for many topics including wolf pictures, sounds, wolf hybrids, and wolf spirituality.

Timber Wolf Information Network
The home page for a volunteer group dedicated to the conservation of timber wolves. Contains newsletters, data sheets, pages for kids, and interactive discussion and chat pages where you can talk to other people about wolves.

Wolf Haven
Wolf Haven is a non-profit, wolf conservation group and their site has information about wolf adoption programs, Wolf Haven newsletters, fact sheets, and book and video resources.

This site contains a nice photo gallery of wolves.

Greywolf's Information Page
This site contains information on the evolution of the gray wolf, a photo gallery, and links to other sites about wolves.

Reintroduction Of Wolves

Rocky Mountain Wolf Page
Hear a wolf howl. A roundup of information, pictures, and graphics on the return of gray wolves to Yellowstone Park and Idaho.

Reintroduction of Wolves
Committee for the National Institute for the Environment: Contains a lot of information about how wolves have become an endangered species.

Wolves in Arizona and New Mexico
This site deals with the reintroduction of wolves into the southwestern United States.

Wolf Reintroduction Debate, Con.
An argument against wolf reintroduction in Colorado by The Abundant Wildlife Society of North America. Special interest groups are proposing.

Books About Wolves

Wolf Books
Just click on the name of the book to find out more details or to order online.

The Wolf Dunn
Information about wolf-dog hybrids and other related resources including a nice reading list of books about wolves.