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Tender Moments

Golden Valentine


Two Hearts that beat together

Two Minds that think as one

Two Voices spoken in unison

Two Smiles that reflect an image

Two Hands that intertwine

Two Eyes that meet two eyes

Two Tears that fall as one

Two Worlds that never are apart

Two Feelings that are never alone

Two Emotions that react as one

Two Whispers that murmur one thought

Two Bodies entangled

Two lovers

Two Words that say it all


@1998 Original by Tempest Creations All Rights Reserved

Always And Forever

Always and forever

Each moment with you

Is just like a dream to me

That somehow came true

And I know tomorrow

Will still be the same

'Cause we've got a life of love

That won't ever change and everyday

Love me your own special way

Melt all my heart away with a smile

Take time to tell me

You really care

And we'll share tomorrow together

Always forever love you

I'll always love you Forever

Always forever love you 'ever

There'll always be sunshine

When I look at you

It's something I can't explain

Just the things that you do

And if you get lonely

Call me and take

A second to give to me

That magic you make

I'll always love you

....Forever !!

midi by Heatwave

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

My gift to you


* You are special ....not just one day....but everyday *

* Best Regards..... From Steve *

It's not often that one has a certain "special" someone

In their lives that make them feel as if no one

Else matters, that the world revolves around them

And without any reservations

Meant for each other

But if you are so lucky as to be blessed

Then cherish and love not just on special days

For all days are special with those that you love

Make this Valentine's Day.....Everyday !

@1998 Original moments of thoughtfulness by Tempest Creations

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or "Tempest Creations" displayed beneath each original piece.

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Thank you.......Steve

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