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Eric's Sniper Page

"There survives one lone wolf of the battlefield. He hunts not with the pack. Single-handed, or accompanied by one companion, he seeks cover near the fighting. Sometimes he holes-in behind the tottering walls of a shell-ridden hut, far from the shelter of his lines. Again, at of night, he rolls out across the shell-torn fields, burrowing deep into the sodden ground....His game is not to send a hail of rapid fire into a squad or company; it is to pick off with one well-directed, rapidly delivered shot a single
                          U.S. Marine Corps General George O. Van Orden (One Shot-One Kill: Charles W. Sasser and Craig Roberts)

Welcome to Eric's Sniper Page

This page was constructed with the goal of appreciating the role of the military sniper, and to provide anyone interested information concerning the art of sniping. The owner of this page does in no way encourage violence or is responsible for any misuse of the information given.

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