The Reality Meadow (with John Holland)

One Day in October (j.holland)

To Build a Star 

Music (j.holland)

Little Jazz Piece (j.holland)

The Reality Meadow (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

Fish Avenue (with Acoustic Thrash)

Keyboard Intro I

Drill (p.norris/ c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Judy (c.o'hare/d.thwing)


Ain't Gonna Take the Trash Out (d.thwing)

An Experimentation in Advanced Vocals (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Love Hog (c.o'hare/ e.shultz/ d.thwing)

A Little Revolution (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

(My Baby's a) Non-Fiction Girl (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Standing Waiting (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Greta Garbo (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Chain Smoker (d.thwing)

Baby You Gotta Stop Fuckin' Around (c.o'hare/ e.shultz/ d.thwing)

Surgeon Generals Warning 

Let It Be (j.lennon/ p.mccartney)

Flip It Over (Baby) (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

The Feeling To Fuck (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Sick on South Street (c.o'hare/ e.shultz/ d.thwing)

Don't Put Me in the Water (cuz I can't swim) (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

I'm Just a Fruitloop (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Cali-fornya (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Don't Bury Me Deep (c.o'hare/ k.o'hare)

(My Baby Blue) Malibu (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

A Little Help from my Friends (j.lennon/ p.mccartney)

Ahhhhhhh! (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Take Your Clothes Off

Fish Avenue


The First Album (with Dedicated Blue)

Rain on Snow (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

The Things I Cannot Find (d.thwing)

Go In Reverse (d.moreshead/ c.o'hare)

Back Alley Deal

Husbands and Wives

I'm Not the Same (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

You Slay Me

It Don't (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)


Robin's Song


Packard Manse


Packard Manse

For Love's Sake (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)



Afraid of Tomorrow

Go Fuck Yourself

A Perfect World (e.shultz)

I Fear What Cannot Be Mine

The Red Light

Love My Way (g.filbey/ c.o'hare/ e.shultz/ d.thwing)

Excuses for Exits





What Was Your Name

Even the Brave (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Preach to Me (d.fisk/ c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Soul Fuck (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Amazing Grace (trad.)

Killers and Clowns (with the Blue Flowered Sneakers)

Overture (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Houses (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Holy Gun (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

I Serve the Flesh (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Death (d.fisk/ c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Rituals (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Heroin (l.reed)

Brilliant Idiots (Song for God)

Do It (e.shultz)

Two Hail Mary's (e.shultz)

Disclaimer (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Abandoned Child

Can't Live with 'Em

Love Letter 

Swine Will Be Swine

Still Got Style

Portrait Love

Protected By My Storm (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Part 6 (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Forgive Me Holly

Trouble Me for a Cigarette (c.o'hare/ e.shultz/ d.thwing)

Take A Walk in the Ocean

Abandoned Child


"Barbara", I said


Interpret Me (d.fisk/ c.o'hare)

Sex and Violence

Dancing in a Storm (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Forbidden Girl (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Leave Her Alone



Right Of Passage

This Chris is Dead

Raping Laurie

Hell's Poet Laureate


Silent Dying

Political Killing

Closest Thing

Final Fire

Cool Night

Emily's Chocolate House (with the Blue Flowered Sneakers)

Love Joke (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

A Nice World (e.shultz)

Once Around

Island of Light (Ribbon of Black) (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Daylight (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Tennessee and Kentucky (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Fred Jones (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

A Long Walk Through Roses (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Stories (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

The Fearful Monkey (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Are You Enjoying Me?

Ball of Flames (acoustic)

Market My Pain (Green Eggs and Sperm) (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Sleep Like A Baby (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

The Fragile One

A Lover Without Rights

White Girl

Things to Remember

Shame On Me (g.filbey/ c.o'hare)

Little Miss Innocent and Me (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

She Dreams in Piano


Ball of Flames (electric)

Lost and Found (with Various Artists)

Untitled #1 (g.filbey)

Wheatfields (d.thwing)

A Bar Called North America (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Dancing in a Storm (early version)

Silent Dying (early version) (d.thwing)

Enjoyable (part I)

Bravery (d.fisk/ c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Good-bye Emily (d.thwing)

The Airplane Song (d.thwing)

4:15 (d.thwing)


Force A Change (version II) (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Forgive Me Holly (version III)

Pornography and Liquor

Traditional Thing (version I) (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

Force A Change (version I) (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Ball of Flames (practice)

Untitled #2 (g.filbey)

Fathead Minnow Population

For Love's Sake (live) (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Rachel (live)

I Fear What Cannot Be Mine (live)

You Slay Me (live)

Traditional Thing (version II) (c.o'hare/ d.twhing)

Picture Book (e.shultz)

Theme from "the Flounder and the Scrod" 

Amazing Grace (trad.)

Lucy's Birthday Song (g.filbey/ c.o'hare)

Last Great Work

I'm No Romantic

45. Caliber Dream

Cash Flow Problem (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

A Fifth and Two Packs

Five Years Long

The Us of A (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

One More Skinhead (d.thwing)

In My Final Resting Place (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Alison n' Candi

Romeo Had Juliette (l. reed)

Don't Throw the China (with John Holland)

Don't Throw the China (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

I've Made My Bed (j.holland/ c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Somebody Get The Light (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

Band Practice (j.holland)

Mary Goodnight (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

Don't Throw the China (rehearsal) (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

My Backyard (as I remember it) (j.holland)

Smaller and Smaller (j.holland)

Johnny's First Guitar (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

Mary had a Little Lamb (trad.)

Don't Throw the China (reprisal) (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

What I Did Last Summer

Jesus Factory (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

My Love (e.shultz)

Overture (full version) (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)


Why Can't I Have You?

Marking Time (e.shultz)

Garbage (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Blue Light (d.thwing)

Full Circle (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Drill (version II) (p.norris/ c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

I Serve the Flesh (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Still Got Style (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Love Letter (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Houses (version II) (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Abandoned Child (version II) (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Hard Core Love and Hate

Opening Song

Chris O'Hare

Train Ride to Heaven

Murdering Spree

Rawhide (d.piomkin)

Song (Short)

We Are One

With God's Gun (g.filbey/ c.o'hare)

The Single (d.fisk/ c.o'hare)

Keyboard Thing

Heaven, Texas

Werewolves of London (w.zevon)

Accidental Rhythm (s.fisk/ c.o'hare)

Metropolis Apocalypse 

Soul Fuck (acoustic) (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)


My Young Body

The Last Day of our Acquaintance (s.o'conner)

Dana Comes Home from New York/ Late Night Recording Session in October 

(c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Parallel to the Rising

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (ey.harburg/ h.arlen)

Closing Song

Human Kindness

Love Machine

Don't Call Me Nigger

Doin' the Christ

Heaven's Road (the Burning Beauty of Life)

Collective Echoes-in the key of A 


The Song About Oblivion

The Blue Flowered Sneakers (with the Blue Flowered Sneakers)

We're the Sneakers (d.fisk/ c.o'hare)

Masturbation and Mythology (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Death '92' (d.fisk/ c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Walk on the Wild Side (l.reed)

Headache Man (Parts I and II) (s.fisk/ c.o'hare/ k.o'hare/ e.shultz)

I'm Your Whore (g.filbey/ c.o'hare)

Bash (s.fisk/ c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

As She Passes By (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Irish Catholic (c.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Same Color Green (s.fisk/ c.o'hare/ k.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Do You Want Fries With That? (s.fisk/ c.o'hare/ k.o'hare/ e.shultz)

Shiny Black Silver (s.fisk/ c.o'hare/ k.o'hare/ e.shultz)

All I Want is You (U2)

God Bless the Fucked

That Ole Lazy Chair of Doubt and Unbelief

My Affliction

Sex and Cigarettes (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

When the Bleeding Stops (k.keenan/ c.o'hare/ m.ragaini)

Filling in the Blanks (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

L is for (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)


Little Girl Blue

God Awful

Army Hero (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

Nice Box Salvation (k.keenan/ c.o'hare/ m.ragaini)

America's Funniest Home Tragedies (c.o'hare/ m.ragaini)

Caffeine Free Diet Love

Puff the Magic Dragon/ In Town

Pretty Until She Smiles (version I)

Shit and Hearts and Flowers (version I)

First Movement

Television Blue

Calling the Dog

Second Movement

Song for You

The Cacophony Symphony

Instrumental #1 (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Lovers On Fire (with Hydrogen Jukebox) (m.desena/ k.keenan/ c.o'hare/ 

k.o'hare/ m.ragaini)

End Instrumental 

Be the Death of Me (with Gabrielle DeSavage)

Your Ideal Woman (g.desavge/ c.o'hare)

Lonely in My Smoke (g.desavage/ c.o'hare)

Mate of My Soul (Soul of My Mate) (g.desavage)

GAB-RIE-LLE (g.desavage)

You're My Drug (g.desavage/ c.o'hare)

Gabby Poem (g.desavage)

Whiskey Dick

How To Be A Hero (g.desavage/ c.o'hare)

Chris Poem

Chrish (g.desavage/ c.o'hare)

Forever Changed (l.reed/ j.cale)

Untitled (1993)

1st Instrumental (c.o'hare/ d.thwing)

Poem #1

A Suburban Tale

Whiskey Dick


2nd Instrumental

When the Honeymoon's Over

Remnants (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

You're My Drug (g.desavage/ c.o'hare)

3rd Instrumental

A Good-bye Song 

Blood Supply (j.norris/ c.o'hare)

The Only Woman I've Ever Loved

Poem #2 (g.desavage/ c.o'hare)

The Cacophony Symphony

Not By Man (with Act Of God)

A Random Thought (m.ragaini)

Dickhead (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

Comfort (k.keenan/ m.ragaini)

Meat Factory Blues (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

Crosses (m.ragaini)

August 8th (g.desavage/ k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

The Drowning (k.keenan)

Grey (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)


Battleground (m.ragaini)

Getting To Be Ugly

Remnants (part I) (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

I'm Not Your Blood Supply (k.keenan/ c.o'hare/ j.norris)


Cunt (version I)

Whore of Your Dreams (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

Song #243 (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

The Luckiest Man

When the Honeymoon's Over 

Anger Dance (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

Cunt (version II)

No Penetration Shown

Prosthetic Soul (instrumental)

Gettin to be Ugly

Maximum Carnage (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

Remnants (part II)

Pale Blue Eyes (l.reed)

Chrish (g.desavage)

Happy Sandwich (with John Holland)

Nothin' Much Happens In Mellville (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

Christopher's Circus (j.holland)

Half A World Away (j.holland)

Throwing Love Around (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

Claudia (part II) (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

She's So Happy (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

Don't Call Me Baby (j.holland/ c.o'hare)

Every Other Elvis (with Kyle Keenan)

For Leonard (k.keenan)

Money Shot (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

I Wanna Marry (Mariah Carey) (k.keenan)

The Tea Rose (k.keenan/ r.maher/ c.o'hare)

Tribute Song for A Dead, Alcoholic Poet

Grandma's Bitchin' (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

Shit On A Stick (version I) (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

Butt Out

Wounded (k.keenan)

Drinkin' Song (k.keenan/ r.maher/ c.o'hare)

French Elevator Music

I Hate You Too

God Is Dead (k.keenan/ c.o'hare)

Things To Do

Waiting To Happen

Table Dance (r.maher/ c.o'hare)

Recycling, Registering to Vote and French Kissing Through Plastic

Song About Your Father (r.maher/ c.o'hare)

Song for Ben (r.maher/ c.o'hare)

Pretty Until She Smiles

Shit On A Stick (k.keenan/ r.maher/ c.o'hare)

A Man Needs A Maid (n.young)


Prosthetic Soul

Television Blue

Hey Kids, Did You Know?

A Good Dog (s.bibeau/ c.o'hare)

Suicide Note To My Lover

Recipe for Happiness

The Great Offensive Dildo

Mysterious Hand

Lover Man

Letter To Jesus

Misogynistic Asshole

Sitting on a Toilet Thinking Sad Thoughts

Prayer For a Better Tomorrow (Peace On Earth)



Short Little Sweet Thing

Shit & Hearts & Flowers

Ever After (s.bibeau/ c.o'hare)

Giant Sky Dildo (Part II-the Spreading )

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