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July 30, 1999

Chris moved out of the house he’s lived in for 6 

years. John & Gary two doors up purchased the property 

and ask him and his roommates to leave. John & Gary 

were very pleasant. When they attempted to screw Chris 

and his roommates out of money, they always smiled and 

before telling them any type of pertinent information 

they would always preface it by saying, “FYI”. In the 

end, things were resolved peacefully with urine and 

cheese whiz. 

Chris now lives with Steve, Julie and Bug. Yes…Bug. 

He’s purchased recording equipment and is composing 

new music. 

Kara continuously updates this page and I try to 

always post the most recent things I’ve done. 

February 15, 2000


January 24, 2000

NEW entry to Dear Diary!

January 18, 2000

Added 2 new stories! "SHIFT LOG ~ 10/19/99" and
UNTITLED STORY by Christopher O'Hare & Bill Gard
January 17, 2000 NEW entry to Dear Diary! January 10, 2000 Added a NEW entry to Dear Diary! December 22, 1999 The Sins of Jesus will be playing their final show December 31st at 7 p.m. at Obriens in Allston. They will be playing all cover songs. November 11, 1999 Chris' sister Kate married her fiancé Erik on Halloween in Sarasota, Florida. Chris was in attendance. It was a lovely wedding. Chris has been seeing someone for 5 months now. She has requested that she be announced on the page. Announcing Kirsten DeLuca. (Ladies! That doesn't have to mean the good times have to end.) 'The Sins of Jesus' had a wonderful time at the Linwood Show. They had a CD burned of the show and were cheered on by hot Au Pairs and co-workers coming from a nearby showing of 'Cats'. 'The Sins of Jesus' are searching for a new guitar player to either replace or accompany Mike Cowan as soon as he makes up his fucking mind for more than a week whether or not he's staying or going. Part of the band will be performing at OBriens on New Years Eve at 10 p.m. October 17, 1999 Chris recieved oral sex on the 5:40 pm commuter rail from Boston to Providence last Friday. He did not have an orgasm then but did have one later. No other news. October 2, 1999 My band, "The Sins of Jesus" will be playing this Thursday, October 7th at 11 pm at the Linwood Grille. It is located at 69 Kilmarnock Street, Boston, MA. It is off Boylston Street behind the Star Market. Their phone # is 1-617-267-8644. We'd love to see you there. Only two more shows! Don't miss the hot, sweaty action! September 26, 1999 'The Sins of Jesus' will have their third show at the Linwood Grille on October 7th at 11 pm. The show at TT the Bear's was fun and joyful. The band sounded tighter than a virgin. September 14, 1999 "The Sins of Jesus" will be performing at the Linwood Grille on Thursday October 7th. Please email Chris for further details. September 12, 1999 Chris' band, "The sins of Jesus" has a show this Sunday the 19th of September at TT the Bear's. Start time is 9:50 and it costs $5 and is 18+. All are welcome! The show at O'Briens went well. The band closed with a funky version of Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" where Chris collapsed on stage only to rise in time to introduce the band and then leave as they soloed into the night. August 30, 1999 'The Sins of Jesus' are playing this Friday, September 3rd at Obriens in Allston, MA! Show time is 10 p.m. All are welcome. Email Chris for more information. August 21, 1999 Chris’ band "The Sins of Jesus" will be performing at O’Brien’s on Friday, September 3rd and at TT the Bears on Sunday, September 19th. ‘The Sins of Jesus’ are: Christopher O’Hare: Vocals, John Regan: Guitar, Michael ‘Big Mike’ Cowan: Guitar, Jeremy Galvin: Bass, Art McConnell: Drums Chris is in the process of being stalked by a man who thinks he fucked his wife. It’s disturbing mostly because of the fact that he never fucked her and it’s another example of the way random violence works it’s way into every American’s life whether they want it to or not. For future reference to all stalkers and psychotics, please take note that Chris only engages in sexual activities with attractive people.

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