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May 17, 1999

Chris has formed a band to record his new album live with. It features 

guitarist John Regan from "The Benders" and Jeremy Galvin formerly of

"Magic Light Meter". They hope to start performing out in early July.

A new link has been added to a page featuring the work of Cindy

Sherman. There aren't too many sites available with her work but this page

contains the best that can currently be found.

May 10, 1999

The art show has been scheduled for Friday, June 11th. Chris will be

showing his artwork as will his mother and 3 or 4 other artists. There will be 

cocktails and snacks. Bill Gard will be bartending and Michael Cowan

will be playing some Jazz. It will be a 3 floor house event. If you have an

interest in attending, please EMAIL.

May 04, 1999:

The web site continues to grow and get better. Photos have been posted,

there are some new links and there's a new story but it's a little 

depressing. The adult stories were taken down because it was decided

that they didn't lend kindly to the page's mission. Future goals include the

ability to listen to some songs, a showing of the artwork and some

photos of friends. 

There will be a small showing of Chris' artwork and the artwork of some

friends at the house in Somerville. The date will either be the first

or second Friday in June.  Wine and cheese will be served and live music

will be performed. Email for more information.

Chris opened with his friend's band at the Kendall and had a great

time. He performed 'Joking' and 'Soul Fuck' with them.

He had some nude shots done the other night. If they don't suck, he may

post them.