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This is the homepage of Kara. She is the designer of my page as well as being a good friend. Her page inspired me to get one of my own and she was nice enough to do it for me. It contains great graphics and writing and lots of links to similar pages. It's a page you can really spend a lot of time getting lost in getting to know her.

An adult story site.

-Cigfetish's Celebrity Cigarette Central
Is there anything sexier than a woman smoking?

-Lollipop Online!
A very good Boston zine.

-CGFA: A Virtual Art Museum
I went looking for a site about Georgia O'Keeffe one evening and found this site which not only had great shots of her art but so many other artists as well.

-John Cassavetes
A true visionary who really inspired me and one of the original independent filmmakers. "A Woman Under the Influence" is the most frightening film I've ever seen but "Husbands" is still his best.

-Lou Reed
Lou Reed's music has bee a big inspiration on my own and this page lists all of his lyrics and the chords to all of his songs. It's pretty boring as far as graphics but has a lot of detail if you're interested in learning more about his music but not really about him personally.

-Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman is someone who I discovered at a very young age because of my mother. I've always been fascinated by her work and how she puts herself in all of her early work as the character. I would say she's had a huge affect on me lyrically and my beliefs about where an artist can go if they set themselves up to be the victim or the perpetrator. There really isn't enough on the Internet about her and this page is actually part of a bigger page with other artists but it's the most I could find.

-Goofy Pics
I have nothing to say about this site.

-Jenny Cam
This is the first website I actually got REALLY into. Jenni was the first person to install a webcam in her apartment. Many people have done it since and they're mostly just porn or really boring but Jenni's is still great. Working on the overnight shift I used to just watch her sleep I was so bored. I find her to be the best type of artist. It's fascinating to be able to look into someone's life and watch it even when it's boring.

-The Onion
The funniest place to be at 3:00 a.m.

-Cyber Couch
One evening at work my co-worker Bill showed me this site and he's regretted it ever since. You can go on and either read or leave messages for online therapists. I tend to abuse it. The son of a psychologist rebelling. It can be somewhat helpful if you do have a real problem though. It's a truly fascinating page.

-Astrology Zone
I got very into astrology recently. This site is one of the better ones for monthly horoscopes and tells a lot about your sign.

-The "MBTA". (the "T")
Boston's Subway System.

-The Libertarian Party.
I'm a member. Be a member too. It's all about the government keeping their dicks out of our shit.

-Randy Newman
My favorite composer

-John Cale

-Lip Balm Anonymous

All the evils of the world in a compact little package!

-Crime Library
Mmmm, something interesting to me.
The strangest shop on the web! Get all your strange books, videos, DVD's, CD's, gifts, novelties and sex toys here!

-GG Allin Archive
The most aggressive, extreme, hated punk rocker on the planet!

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