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June 14, 1999

The art show was a success. About 50 or so people came

to see 6 different artists. The house looked

beautiful. Bill bartended and a jazz trio played from

8-11 and were then followed by surf music performed by

"The Benders". Everyone got to see Chris' cock and Tom

Gill's giant can top sculpture which he completed

after 4 years of hard work. It was a night filled with

joy, love and beer. 

Chris' band continues to rehearse. He hopes to start

contacting clubs over the next two weeks and arrange

some gigs. The name of the band will be "Idols of


June 10, 1999

Chris has been accepted to three new webrings. They

are The Free Music Ring, Hopelessly Offensive and Psychotic,

and Fucked Up Minds Ring.

Located Here.