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Grandfather Great Spirit

All Over The World,

The Faces Of Living Ones

Are Alike.

With Tenderness,

They Have Come

Up Out Of The Ground.

Look Upon Your Children

That They May Face The Winds

And Walk The Good Road

To The Day Of Quiet.

Grandfather Great Spirit

Fill Us With The Light.

Give Us the Strength

To Understand

And the Eyes To See.

Teach Us To Walk The Soft Earth

As Relatives....

To All That Live.


May The Warm Winds

Of Heaven

Blow Softly On Your Home.

May The Great Spirit

Bless All ...

Who Enter There.

May Your Moccasins

Make Happy Tracks

In Many Snows.

And May The Rainbow

Always Touch Your



Oh Great Spirit

Whose Voice I Hear

In The Wind

And Whose Breath

Gives Life

To All The World....

Hear My Prayer.

Let Me Walk In Beauty

Through All My Days

Make My eyes See

Sunrise Freshness..

And Sunset Glory.

Make My Hands Respect

The Things You Have Made

And My Ear Sharp To Hear

Your Many Voices.

I Am Small And Weak

I Need Your Strength...

And Wisdom.

Make Me Wise...

That I May Learn

The Lessons

You Teach My People.

The Lessons

You Have Hidden

In Every Leaf And Rock.

I Seek Strength ...

Not To Be Superior

To My Brother,

But To Fight

The Greatest Enemy...


Oh Great Spirit,

Hear Me.

Make Me Ready

So When Life Fades

To A Last Sunset

My Spirit Will Come To You

Without Shame.


May The Snow Fall Softly

Upon You

Only Gentle Breezes Blow

May Your Footeps Safely

Guide You

To The Warmth

Of The Fireside Glow.

May Your Eyes Be Filled

With Beauty

This Season Was Meant

To Impart

And May The Joyous Moments

You Share

Remain Forever In Your Heart.

Lone Bear(Iroquian Elder)


If You Are Of Native American


You Must Be Extremely Proud.

Let The Elders Words

Be Your Guide

And Wear Your Heritage...

With Pride....:)

The Frog Does Not Drink Up

The Pond In Which

He Lives.

There Can Never Be Peace

Between Nations,

Until It Is First Known

That True Peace

Is Within The Souls

Of Men.

We Will Be Known


By The Tracks We Leave.

Prejudices, it is well known,

Are Most difficult to eradicate

From the Heart

Whose soil has never been

Loosened or fertilized

by education;

They grow there,

Firm as weeds along rocks.

Charlotte Bronte

May You Always Walk In

Peace And Love.....:)

A Must See Page!!

Kindred Spirit

You have done a great job with your pages.

It is an honor to give you this award

for your fine work,

And to help in the understanding

of these truly beautiful people.

Enjoy your award!

Silverhawk's Graphics

09-28-99(Native American Spirit)Greetings,
A friend of mine sent your site to me,
and I fell in love with it!
It is so beautiful.
I would like to award you
with my Creative Spirit Award.

zdawnawd.jpg (9304 bytes)

Dawn's House Of Poetry

Your page is beautiful...just wonderful.

Thanks for taking your time to make it

and sharing it with us.

Please accept the award with love from me

for the outstanding work you have done online.

Love and Hugs and God Bless....Nancy

Make A Joyful Noise

Many thanks for sharing a part of yourself, your creativity....

and your inner beauty with all of us. Rain Silverhawk


I hope you will display this award

with much pride as with which it was given.

Pantheras The Cat

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Designs by Sacred Wolf Dream

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