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Like a candle burnin' bright,

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love is flowing in your eyes

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A flame to light our way ..

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That burns brighter every day

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Now I have you

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Like a leaf upon the wind ,

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I could find no place to land

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I dreamed the hours away,

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wondered every day

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Do dreams come true?

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What if I never met you?

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Where would I be right now?

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Funny how life just falls in place somehow.

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You touched my heart in places

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That I never even knew

I was words without a tune

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I was a song still unsung

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A poem with no rhyme

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Dancer out of time

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But now there's you

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Nobody loves me like you do....:)

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Anne Murray with Dave Loggins
Written by James P. Dunne and Pam Phillip

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Who said dreams don't come true?

My dream came true....

The day you said, "I Love You"

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I love happy endings....:)

I Love You!

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Mmmmmmm....Just the way you like it...:)

We will continue to share... Always and Forever.<3

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