For the past two and a half months I have been collecting a lot of Fun and Game material. It was my original thought to keep these for myself to occupy my family's time as well as my own.

When I started this site, I felt that I should include a page of fun and games for others to enjoy. I have included some links of other fun sites, and if I am infringing on any copyright material please let me know, so I can remove them from this page imediately.

I have felt for a long time that if you are singing, or occupying your mind with some fun, games, or other activity, it is extremely difficult to be depressed.

So enjoy this page and if any links appear broken please Email me below.



Free To Print
(You need it -- It's here)

Azalea Acre
(all kinds of Stuff to Print)

All Kinds of "Things To Print"
(Great page of F-Key Saver Links)

Buck Babie's Printables

D & W's F-Key Printables
(and more)

Hadoe's Business Card Form

Mnet Web Services
(make your own business cards on line for free)

For Images & Labels
(using Avery #8160 or Office Max #81601)

Envelope Express

Leenie's Printz

PooDoo's Birthday Gift Tags

PooDoo's Christmas Gift Tags

Poodoo's Father's Day Gift Tags

Cyndir99's Printables
(and other fun stuff)

Printing Links
(For Those That Have Printers)

Printable Sites
(F-Keys Galore)

Printing With A Printer(And Web TV)

Printer Cleaning by HP

Printable Stationary

Game Links

Eric Paul's Game Links
Free Games for WebTV

Massino's Casinos
(Rules For Many Casino Games

Free Web Video Games

PooDoo's Internet Games

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game

United States - State by State Facts
(not so much a game ~
but great for kids school projects)

Ace Slot Machine Game

World Dot Clicking Competition

S-T-C Game Links

(The Automatic Dave Barry Column Generator)

Argelis 'Hangman'

Hillbilly Hangman

Buzztime< /a>

Checkers On Net4TV

Web TV A-1 Game Links
(many games to play)

Bill's Game Pages

Mega Game Links

Web Battleship

Past Life Game

Golf I. Q. Test

Pay No Fine Test

Life Colors Questionare

Butt Guessing Game

Sleeze Test

Sex and Sensuality Test For Men

The Big "O" "Quiz

The Densa Tests

The Purity Tests

Spelling Tests

Tests, Tests. Tests

Steven's Tests and Quizzes

Trivial Pursuit

Majority Rules

Life Colors Questionaire

Kewl Games 4 WebTv

Pooh's F-Key Saver Game Links
(mega game links on this page)

Greg's C & W Song Writing Machine

Coke Kidd's WebTv Games

Robbies WebTv Games Galore

Silly Bar Tricks

Games Kids Play
(I played a lot of these yard games)

Astrononmy - Satellite Views and Road Maps

Mission To Geospace - Nasa
(A lot of interesting links)

Earth View
(fun and educational)

How Much Would You Weigh On Another Planet
(Excellent Research Tool for Solar System Studies)

More Satellite Views

Microsoft's Terra Server

Yahoo's Maps and Driving Directions

National Geographic
(Road Atlas Companion)

DogPile's Maps & Directions

Maps on US
(maps, routes, and yellow pages)

Solar System Simulator

Web Cams

Mind Benders


The Death Clock

Fun Recipes

Drunk Fruit Cake Recipe

Whiskey Cake Recipe

Fun To Watch MPG'S



Mine Shaft Ride


Changing Features

Haida mpg

Fun Links

Grandpa Tuckers' Stories, Rhymes, and Music

Morse Code & Phonetic Alphabets
(Convert One To The Other)

Dream Library
(intrepret your dreams)

What' s In Your Name
(Analyze What Your Name Means)

What Tree Did You Fall From?

The Fun Zone
(a lot of Fun Stuff here)

Jigsaw Puzzle

Cliche Fnder

How Stuff
(Learn How Everthing Works)

Annie's Treasures
(Fun Stuff To Do - Know - and To Have -- Try It)

Really Cool and Fun Stuff

Baby Boomers
(Everthing you want to remember and add to about the 60's)

Top 40 Age Guide
(How Old Were You When...?)

Fun Stuff A-Z
(F-Key Savers)

Fun Page for Children

Fun Time

Chawni's Fun Time

Jeni's House
(Family Approved Site)

Hobbies & Crafts
(Links to all kinds of Hobbies and crafts)

Understanding Chat Language Terms
(from Tassiedevil)

Glossary of Computer Terminology

Net Lingo
(the international net language dictionary)

Odds & Ends
(fun facts plus many links to Scotland)

Optical Illusions
(this is a really interesting page)

Cyber Bear

Strange Links
(Really Strange Indeed) Pete's Fun Pages

Pick your Favorite Character

GTE'S Super Pages

Acronym Finder

The Dialectizer
(More extensive than the Pig Latin Converter, below)

Pig Latin Converter (web tool)
(this is a web tool to convert pages into pig latin text - have fun)

Things to Kill Time

Jakes Weird Links

Movie Guide
(Enter Your Zip Code To See What's Playing)


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