(Chief Red Cloud of the Oglala Sioux)

We can speak of our founding fathers as much as we wish, but let us never forget the true founding fathers of the North American Continent.

The way that these proud people have been treated from Christopher Columbus, all the way through our current federal adminstration is an atrocity.

Instead of studying America's history from the view point of historians (that are themselves immigrants or descendents of immigrants), why not study the values, and morays of the people that actually founded communities and villages throughout this great land, who took only what they needed for survival.

To live with the earth these valiant people would move their sites, in order to allow the natural resources of the land replenish what they had used, and of course to follow the animals that they did need for survival.

How proud we must be to make heroes out of the thieves and murderers that pillaged their land, raped their women, murdered their children, and in many instances wiped out entire tribes of people.

The sad thing is, that it is still going on today.

I am glad that today's generation of North American Indian has found a way to take back from the "immigrants" by appealing to the greed and "weaknesses" of the "White Eyes". Keep those casinos coming.

Another proud species we have nearly destroyed is that of the Norh American Wolf.

As the North American Indian, once was, the wolf is nomadic by nature and is highly family oriented, and whether through fear, misconception, greed, or our nature to control or to kill, have nearly been sucessful in making this species of God's creation extinct.

I have accumulated many websites dedicated to the North American Indian, and the North American Wolf. I hope you will take the time to look through these pages, and come back often.

My Favorite North American Indian Web Sites

Hopper's Native American Side

Native American Culture

Great Chief's (slide show)

Images Of Native Americans
(portfolio Index)

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Rights Of Passage
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Wind Whisper Links

Cherokee Braves
(by Dr. Ward)

"Trail of Tears"
(Re: The Cherokee Nation)

"Dream Catcher" Friendship

Deer With Horns Web Pages

WolfeSong's Pages
(Truly speaks from the heart)

Great Native American F-Keys
(with many Wolf sites included)

Longhouse of Spirit

Sanctuary - A Safe Haven

Shawni's Native American Indian Page

Sunhawk Singers
(Intertribal Pow Pow Drum)

WIISINIWAN -- Food Recipes

Native Way Cookbook
(The Cookbook of the Grandmothers)

Indian Health Service

Native Prophecy Net Center

Cherokee Messenger
(Native American Herbal Life Remedies)

Cherokee Links

Native American Geneology Links

Silver Hawks Native American Graphics

More Native American Graphics

Warriors Of The Rainbow

Star Wolf's Native Graphics

Native American Indian Graphic Index

Many Trails of Tears

Through Apache Eyes
(Purple Hawks Nest)

OneStar's Home Page

Hopi Way
(Cloud Dancing)

F-Key Saver of Native American Web Sites

Waya Little Rain
(Debbie's Room)

My Favorite North American Wolf Sites and Pictures

Wolf Slide Show

Wolf~Run Slide Show
(Limeylady is truly outstanding -- kudos)

Wolf Pages
(by LimeyLady)

Black Wolf
(Great Graphics of Wolves)

Wolf Legends

"God's Original Dog"
(while here - see the page on the American Eagle)

WolfeSearcher's Web Pages

Women and Wolves
(visit Debra's other Wolf and Native American Pages)

WolfSong2U's Pages
(wolf and Native American Pages)

Wolfpage's Website

Wolf Picture #1

Wolf Picture #2

Wolf Picture #3

Wolfe Picture #4

Wolf Picture #12

Please Waya Little Rain's website listed above

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(--Shannon G.--)

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