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V.I.P. (that stands for Vallery Irons Protections) is Pamela's new syndacated series.Pamela plays Vallery,a country girl that comes to Los Angeles to make it but she finds a job in a hot-dog stand.One night she is invited to a premiere by an action hero but when a guy pulls a gun on him the "hero" shields himself behind Vallery screaming "Don't hurt me!".Vallery kicks the gun out of the guy's hands and the paparazzi go nuts and start taking pictures of Vallery.Vallery ends up on the cover of Time magazine as "The bodyguard to the stars".Vallery plays along with it even if she's obviously not a real bodyguard.Then she's called by a bodyguard agency in troubles:they need a figurehead and they promise her that she'll be safe and that she'll never leave the office.Of course things will not go as planned and she will find herself involved in all kind of troubles.V.I.P. airs on Sunday on Fox. V.I.P. will see,among others,Jay Leno,Tommy Lee,Jerry Springer,Lit,Whoopi Goldberg and Loni Anderson as guest stars.