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We understood that Pamela Anderson had been getting up close and personal with supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg these days, but insiders reveal that the atress is also hanging out with rocker Bryan Adams - and it may be getting serious.Adams photographed Anderson last year for his book "Made in Canada" and the pair struck up a frienship.When they later appeared on a German television show, the pair travelled back to London togheter on Naomi Campbell's private jet.Now we hear that Adams has told friends that he finds Anderson incredibly attractive.Says his spokeswoman, Lisa Blake:"They do run into each other.With musician and models,there's this kind of magnetic thing going on.To the best of my knowledge,they haven't actually dated,but then I'm not with him all the time." Adams the fired off a rather brusque email to Blake that read simply:"Nope,I photographed her.That's is."

The National Enquirer (July,2000)


Pam Anderson has found that revenge really is sweet. First she sent bad-boy ex-hubby Tommy Lee to jail by ratting him out on a probation violation - and now she's telling pals she plans to wed hunky supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg. "Tommy's reeling from Pam's double betrayal", an insider revealed. "He's always hoped that the couple could rekindle what they once had.But poor Tommy is now just a bad memory for Pam.She's moved onwards and upwards with her career and personal life. Her syndacated TV show 'VIP' is thriving.And she hasn't looked at another man since she fell in love with Marcus last May in Monaco". Pam and Marcus were in Monaco to support PETA. "Pam has fallen head over heels for Marcus - he's got the body of a god and is a complete animal lover" said the insider. "She walks around in a daze when Marcus is with her. They've spent weekends togheter and Marcus has been a frequent visitor to the 'VIP' set.Even though the romance between Pam and Marcus is young, she's already telling friends that she consider him husband material. News about Pam considering marriage with Marcus is killing Tommy". Another source added: "Marcus is pratically living with Pam and has all but taken over as the father of her and Tommy's 2 boys.Pam told me, 'Marcus is the one.I've never been this happy in my life.He's got great husband potential - and he'll make a great daddy too!'".

OK, (June 2000)


It's tough being a co-producer in Hollywood, as Pamela Anderson discovered recently when her former stuntwoman, Julie Michaels, decided to sue producers of Pam's series VIP.Michaels claims she was fired from the show after she injured her spine during filming.Sounds tough, but what are more interesting are her revelations about what she had to go through to look like Pammy every day. Michaels claims she had breast implants to bring her up to size, bleached her hair constantly and had to have artists paint on identical tattoos every day.

The National Enquirer (June,2000)


Looking all girly and swoony at LA's trendy Sky Bar,Pamela Anderson Lee was in hunk heaven with male supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg,treating him like her new squeeze-du-jour.So it looks like a gnarly WIPE OUT for her surfer dude,Kelly Slater! Unfortunately,there's a nasty fly in Pam's ointment and its name is (surprise) Tommy Lee! The V.I.P. star is furious at suddenly being dragged back into her ex's sad-sack life:a judge has ordered Pam to court for a couple of days to testify in the tattoed geek's latest probation violation for alleged boozing!

The National Enquirer (June,2000)


Blond beauty Pamela Anderson has waved bye-bye to her surfer boy fiancè and hooked up with the world's top male supermodel! The V.I.P. star dropped the bombshell on the eve of her wedding to pro surfer Kelly Slater,28, that she's crazy about former Calvin Klein poster boy Marcus Schenkenberg. "It was love at first sight," Pam,32,gushed to pals. "I've never met anyone like Marcus!" Lightning struck Pam and swedish native Marcus when they hooked up at a party in Cannes,France,for Baywatch cast members,sources reveal. "Pam was at the party with another guy,designer Christian de la Fuente," says a friend.Marcus was flirting with former Baywatch babe Gena Lee Nolin and other girls,but when he laid eyes on Pammy,it was like there was no one else in the room." The amorous couple dumped their dates and quickly escaped to the privacy of Pam's hotel suite. Meanwhile,Kelly is out in the cold. He was in Fiji for a pro surfer's competition and had wanted to get hitched to Pam on June 3. Insiders say they were planning a secret wedding on the beach - until Marcus,33, stepped in. This is not the first time Pam dumps Kelly for another guy. "Kelly is heartbroken," says a friend."He can't believe Pam found someone new.He lost her once to Tommy.Now he's lost her to this model.He's devastated." Marcus cemented the relationship by flying to Los Angeles to visit Pam at her Malibu beach house. "Pam told me she realizes now that marrying Kelly would have been wrong" says a friend."They would have ended up in divorce court just like she did with Tommy."Thank God Marc came into my life," she told me."He stopped me from making another huge mistake.""

People (May,1999)


In early April a plastic surgeon removed the world's most famous silicone breats implants from Pamela Anderson,31, reducing her bra size from a pneumatic 34D to an ample 34C. "She wanted her body to go back to its natural state," explained her spokeswoman Marleah Leslie.Said the former Baywantch bombshell in a statement:"It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time." Reaction was swift and varied. Ripley's Believe It or Not offered to buy her implants to display in its Hollywood museum.(They are not for sale,says Leslie)

The National Enquirer (May,1998)


The blonde bombshells began battling ever since a shocking scene at the Cannes Film Festival.And,of course,there was a guy in the middle.Jenny-Playboy Playmate of the Year-was at a party with boyfriend Ray Manzella,Pamela's manager.Pamela,who was promoting her film 'Barb Wire',suddenly stood up in front of hordes of reporters...and launched a headline-making attack on her rival,recalled Jenny in her book 'Jen-X'."She pointed her finger at Ray for all the press to see,'See this guy here?'she said and then pointed at me,'Well,he's f**** her.'"Well,everybody's mouth dropped and Ray told her to knock it off.Soon thereafter she called Ray and told him I kept jumping in front of her whenever cameras were around.Which was utter bull."Added Jenny sweetly"I just don't think I'll invite her over to my next jammie party."

The National Enquirer (February,1998)


A boozed-crazed Tommy Lee brutally beat his wife Pam at a Vegas hotel-and now friends and a top expert are warning the battered "Baywatch" beauty that even worse may follow.During the rampage the tattoed drummer ripped off Pam's shirt,exposing her chest,slammed her into chairs and trashed their hotel room-smashing a lamp and kicking a hole in the bathroom door.Tommy-who'd been swilling champagne-finally passed out on a bed,and a terrified Pam hid in the bathroom of their $500-a night suite before slipping out of the hotel at 5 a.m. The shocking brawl was the wild rocker's way of celebrating the Valentine's Day with his gorgeous wife.

The National Enquirer(May,1997)


Former Baywatch star has turned into a bag of bones and her friends fear she may end up in hospital! "Baywatch" bombshell has plummeted to a frail 98 pouds and friends are terrified that she's anorexic!"David Hasselhoff is shocked and very worried about the way Pam looks," Doug Schwartz,producer of Baywatch told the ENQUIRER. "Her weight has never been below 100 pounds before.I'm really worried about her health-she looks anorexic." The 5-foot-3 blonde beauty has pencil-thin arms and legs and is substantially below her ideal weight. "When Pam was filming after her baby was born last June she was at 112 pounds and never looked more fabolous.That's a wonderful sexy weight for her."said Schwartz."To be 14 pounds below that point I find alarming." There are several reasons once-voluptuous Pam has turned into a stick figure,say a friends.She's been under stress because of her roller-coaster relationship with her wild man hubby,Tommy Lee and she's also being socked with a lawsuit for allegedly backing out of an agreement to appear in the movie "Hello,she lied." What's more,her grueling diet and workout regimen since her baby Brandon was born would test even Arnold Schwarzenegger. "She threw herself into 3 1/2 hour a day workout that included kick-boxing,aerobics and yoga.She ate only small amounts of an all-protein diet that included rice,salads,chicken and turkey. Pam looks so skeletal that friends fear she's anorexic and that the next step is hospital!"She's thinner than ever and she's wasting away to nothing."