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The Salem Lions Club

Welcome to the homepage of the Salem Lions Club. The Salem Lions Club (Charter Date 6/12/98) is one of 43,000 Lions Clubs worldwide. Our main goal is community service.

Please direct all inquiries for eyeglasses or visual aids to:

The Salem Lions Club

P.O. Box 175

Salem, MA


Feel free to contact the Salem Lions at:


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Thank you to the proprietors of the cannister locations: Alexandra Liquors, Athlete's Corner, The Coffee Merchant, The Dancer's Partner, The Fountain Place, Herman's Shoes, Red's Sandwich Shop, Samantha's Kids, Your Last Chance and YLC Hobby Shop.

Youth Speech Competition

Calling all tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students. The topic of this year's competition is ...What the American flag means to me...Grand prize is $1500.

Entertainment 2005 books are here......

Search for books at

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Happy Halloween...Happy Halloween...

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Best of luck to Nathaniel Potter in his quest. People to People

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