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Providence Farm

Ray Township, Michigan, USA

Our goal at Providence Farm is to produce well educated riders and quality horses and ponies for dressage, show jumping, and eventing. We hope to do this through our exceptional training and instruction program.

Providence Farm hopes to promote the use of ponies in these sports and prove to people how versatile ponies can be. They are not just for little children to do lead line classes on before moving up to a "real horse". Ponies can do anything full sized horses can do, and better! Ponies in general are less likely to have lameness problems, are easier keepers (my three ponies combined eat less than even one of my Thoroughbreds), and require less room (smaller stalls, trailers, even paddocks), not to mention the fact that it is not as far to the ground!

Providence Farm's training and instruction program is headed by Julie Blackburn. Julie has extensive experience in the field of training and riding instruction. She is also very involved with Pony Club as a coach and instructor. Julie has had much experience training and showing horses of many breeds, but since a serious riding accident on a large Warmblood cross, she has chosen to focus on ponies and the lighter breeds.

Providence Farm has several school ponies. We only have one full sized horse that we use regularly for lessons! Providence Little Rhody, is our newest edition to the school horse ranks. He is quickly becoming a favorite with the younger crowd.

"Nothing should be made any bigger than it needs to be." (William of Occam)

6 August 2000!

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