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What is "Run For Your Lives"?

This is a race, held in various places during the year around the country, and in May it's coming to Massachusetts. And not only are we running TOWARDS the finish line, we are running FROM zombies!

I wanted to do it, and I've convinced some friends of mine to do it with me. May 5, 2012! Run with us or be a spectator. Or be a zombie! Come have fun!


February 15, 2012

Those first twenty minutes are pretty hard. The second twenty suck, too. And the last twenty feel like thirty. But afterwards I feel like a champ!

February 7

I did 4 km on the treadmill in 52 minutes. Not even jogging speed yet, but I'm proud to have done it at a brisk walk.

The balls of my feet hurt, but that's better than when I wore the same sneakers on the elliptical. That hurt my arches something fierce.

"Rule #18 Limber Up"

I couldn't find this shirt on Cafe Press, so I made my own. If you want one, go to Imp Wear and Wares > Nerdy&Geeky&Dorky.

January 28

Today I broke in my new workout t-shirt. It reads, "Rule #1: Cardio." I'm thinking I should get the t-shirt with the "Limber Up" rule for Pilates days.

January 11

Of course if you've seen me lately, you know I have to train. Hence this webpage. No one's going to follow it all on Facebook, so I'm going to record it here. To keep me honest and on track.


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