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Common Love Goddesses

Common Love Goddesses

Aphrodite/Venus- (Greece/Rome) Perhaps the most famous of the love goddesses, she took part in many Greek myths. Her symbols are golden apples, pomegranates, cockle shells, poppies, the ocean, swans, herons, and doves. She represents love, beauty, all relationships, and any kind of love.

Creiddylad/Cordelia- (Welsh) A less famous May Queen in Celtic myths, she was the daughter of the sea god Llyr. She is love goddess of great beauty for which the two gods Gwyn and Gwyrthur fought over, both eventually dying for her. She was the inspiration for Cordelia in Shakespeare's King Lear. She is often associated with the hawthorn tree.

Finncaev- (Irish) Her name translates to "fair love". Little is known about her, except that she was a minor princess among the Tuatha De Danaan (the faery folk of the ancient Celts) who probably was a goddess of love.

Gwen- (Anglo-Celtic, Welsh) In Celtic tales, she was so beautiful that whoever looked at her for too long would die. She was most likely a minor sun goddess, moon goddess, or a goddess of love and light.

Nanna- (Norse) The Great Mother and Earth goddess of Norse mythology. She resides over love and gentleness.

Parvati- (India) Representing the union of god and goddess, male and female. Resposibilities were desire and ecstasy.

Selket- (Egypt) Depicted as a woman with expanded wings, the lower body of a scorpion, and a scorpion on her head. She was the patroness of marriage, goddess of happy marriages, and marrried sexual love.

Svofna- (Norse) The goddess of love and one of the Asynjor.

Xochiquetzal- (Aztec) Goddess of the Underworld who represented flowers, twins, sexual love, children, and craftsmen