Welcome to the Lazy Webmasters Guild!

Our guild is dedicated to Webmasters everywhere who want the best web page they can build, but don't necessarily want to learn every bit of code or draw each graphic on their own.

There are plenty of wonderful people on the web who have created images, java applets, perl scripts, templates, etc. for webmasters to use on their pages. We feel there's absolutely nothing wrong with a few shortcuts, if it gets you the page you want.

We're not bad webmasters, nor are we necessarily bad coders or bad artists. Being lazy doesn't mean we've slapped together a web site, either; we've put time and effort into our work. But we don't mind taking the easier route to a finished page, if it gets the job done right.

Requirements to be a Member of the Lazy Webmasters Guild:

  • You must have a web page. It can be a domain, a free site, whatever - so long as you have a place you call your own.
  • You must update your web page at least once a year. There's a difference between laziness and never doing anything at all.
  • You must have a web page with a cohesive look. In other words, 17 flashing animated gif, scrolling banners, bright yellow script on pink backgrounds, etc. should not all be used at the same time. There's a difference between laziness and blinding your visitors.
  • You must have something borrowed on your page. Did you borrow that graphic? Download that counter? Great!
  • You must have given credit where credit is due. Laziness is no excuse for failing to recognize the hard work someone else did to make your web page easier to create. If you borrowed something, give credit for it. Otherwise, all you are doing is stealing someone else's work.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before joining our Webring or Yahoo Group!

Still want to join? Check out our webring, here: The Lazy Webmasters WebRing

We'll go over your application and make the decision.

We also have a mailing list, here:The Lazy Webmasters Group

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