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Some people think that Wanganui is New Zealand's best kept secret. It has physical beauty - travelling up the Wanganui River is like nothing on earth, Wanganui is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and wild West Coast beaches; and a strong cultural tradition - it is a city of two cultures (Maori and European) From the slopes of Mt Tongariro, the Whanganui River meanders its way to the Tasman Sea through one of New Zealand's most unique National Parks. This area has a special place in New Zealand's history and many signs of earlier era's of Maori and European habitation are still visible today. As you journey and experience the river in all its mystery, you cannot help but become a part of the magic that surrounds the Whanganui

Wanganui River

Bridge to nowhere

This is the bridge to nowhere, it comes from nowhere and goes nowhere, it was built in the 1930s and then abandoned because of the great depression large numbers of farmers moved out of this part of the country

Just south of Wanganui lies the Manawatu Gorge which devides the western city of Palmerston North and the Wairarapa area

Manawatu Gorge

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