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Northland & Auckland

The Bay of Islands is the finest maritime park in New Zealand. The 144 Islands and secluded bays have an abundance of marine life, including the big Marlin, Whales, Penguins, Dolphins, Gannets and many other species The maritime and historic park is the original cradle of European Civilization and has fine examples of Maori Culture. The Bay with its pristine natural environment is the gathering place in the South Pacific for overseas sailing yachts on World cruises international sport fishermen, golfers and Marine enthusiasts.

Tane Mahuta

Tane Mahuta is the largest kauri tree in the World. It's huge size makes the people in the foreground seem tiny in comparison. Approximately 1250 years old, Tane Mahuta is 4.4 metres in diameter and it's first branch is 17.7 metres from the ground. Before the kauri forests were logged there were much bigger kauri trees. The tree with the largest volume on record was 6.4 metres in diameter and 30.5 metres to the first branch. It was estimated to have had 453 cubic metres of timber. It takes a long time to grow to this huge size. The oldest living kauri, Te Matua Ngahere, is approximately 2000 years old.

The famous "Hole in the Rock" Cape Brett Northland

Auckland has a superb harbour complete with beautiful beaches and a harbour bridge. One of the main geographical features of Auckland is the 40 or so volcanic cones that are dotted in and around the cities suburbs, the most famous of these is "one tree hill" Aucklands north shore contains many of the best beaches and is also one of the most favoured places to live. Auckland is called the city of sails and boasts more boats per capita than any city in the world Waiheke island in the hauraki gulf is a good place to escape the city life and is 20 minutes boat ride from downtown Auckland. The island has many beaches, and holiday homes are popular there. Many people live on the island and work in Auckland city, other islands in the gulf include "Great Barrier" and "Little Barrier" islands. Before the European people arrived in the 19th century, Auckland and most of New Zealand was populated by the Maori who are the indiginous people.

view from the north shore

Part of Marina with bridge in background

another view

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