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Mitre Peak

Fiordland which is situated at the south west corner of the south island is one of the most attractive areas in New Zealand it contains a large number of fiords and is surrounded by steep mountainous country and large areas of rainforest here you will find two of the highest waterfalls in the world.This is one of the largest national parks in the world and has been granted world heritage listing so is protected by the United Nations along with the “Grand Canyon” and the “Great Barrier Reef” Here is where you can find “Milford Sound” and “Mitre peak” two of the most popular sights in this area.

Road to Milford sound

This is the road from the resort town of Te Anau that leads through the Eglington and hollyford valleys and through the Homer tunnel to the Milford Sound.

To the south of Milford sound there is “Doubtlful Sound” another popular area this is the deepest sound. The sounds on the south west coast were carved out millions of years ago by glacial action which has resulted in what we see today.Dolphins and seals can often be seen playing in these sounds

Doubtful Sound

Rain Forest-----------------Milford Sound

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