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Dunedin is one of the principle cities in the South Island It was founded by the Scottish church in1848 and even today the city retains a strong bond with its Scottish roots It is situated on the south eastern corner of New Zealands South Island at the end of a long natural harbour and is surrounded by steep bush-clad hills. When gold was discovered in the 1860s in central Otago Dunedin began to prosper this led to the city becoming the country’s Industrial and banking centre.

Railway Station----------------------St Pauls Cathredral

Dunedin the oldest city in New Zealand with a population around 120,000 is also the first university city,with educational facilities second to none in the country.

Otago University

To the east of the city there is the Otago peninsula where there are colonies of seals,royal albatross and the rare yellow eyed penguin.Here is the worlds only mainland breeding
colony of the royal albatrosses.

Fur Seal


To the south west and near the bottom of the island lies Invercargill this is the principle city in what is the rich farming area of the province of southland. Invercargill is also the southern most city in the world,the population is approximately 57,000. About 27km south is the port of Bluff which is the port servicing Invercargill. Bluff is well known for its oysters which are prized internationally.In this area is also what is probably New Zealands most important industrial site and that is the Tiwai aluminium smelter.Now we go off the mainland to Stewart island which is about 30km south of Bluff .this is an island with a very rugged terrain which is mostly rain forrest inhabited by many of our rare and protected birds.

Stewart Island

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