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Canterbury is the province that covers most of the eastern part of the south island the principle city being Christchurch.Other regions are Kaikoura to the north and Akaroa to the east on the Banks peninsular.

View of Christchurch city

Christchurch one of the principle cities of the south island was settled by English imigrants in the 19th century,it is situated on the east coast about the centre of the island on the Canterbury plains, sometimes described as the most English city outside of England. Today, Christchurch is known as the Garden City and has won international acclaim as the best in the world at the international garden city awards in India in 1997.

Cathedral ------------------------------Hagley Park

Avon River

Lake Tekapo

Lake Wanaka


Not so long ago Kaikoura was nothing more than a small village one passed through on their way north or south,it is situated on the east coast of the south island about half way between Christchurch and the top of the south island. It was then discovered that whales seemed to congregate there and a tourist industry was born.Whale watching has become the popular attraction.Another popular pastime is swimming with the dolphins that frequent the area.

Whale watching------------------------------Seals

Kaikoura Coast

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