Potions For The Soul

Potions For the Soul

Money Potions
Relaxing Potions
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Ebos for Eshu and Eleggua Oya
NaNa Baruku

When I was 21 years old an older women told me.."Child you must take one hour a day just for you". At first I thought she was crazy. One hour a day, with no interruptions? With three children this seem to be an impossibility. But the rewards can not be measured. So from time to time I will include stuff that has worked for me. Now I can't speak on how they will work for you, but you can be assured I've tried anything I write here. Some stuff will be to reach that inner you, for your peace and sanity. Other stuff will help that single parent..been there, done that. I hope these little tid bits I include will be helpfull..Sign my guest book and let me know..If I only help one person start on a better tommorrow, this web page will have served it's purpose.

When I can I will give reference to the author, if I donít it means I forgot and not that I am silting the author in anyway. No disrespect it ever intended. If I miss something and you pick it up, get at me and let me know. I will list books and authors at the end.

Money Potions

Need money for rent, mortage, food, etc. (this spell can only be used for needed stuff, not wanted stuff.

Read the 4 Psalm..

This can either be done at 7 am or 7pm. The catch is the 7. This must be read seven times at seven for seven days.

Sounds easy? Nothing is free and your price is being dedicated enough to catch 7 (am,pm). The closer you get to the seventh day, the harder it is to catch that 7. Sometimes it has taken me a week to complete..Because if you miss seven by more than one minute..You must start over.

To Make a Man Give Money to a Woman

You will need:

1 dime


Red ocher

Thread in the color of white,blue,red,yellow,black,green and brown

Get the coin from the man whom you want to give you the money. Wrap it in different colors of thread until no part of the coin can be seen. Place the wrapped coin in a dish full of oil and seven pinches of red ocher. Let it soak for seven days. Keep the coin in a safe place and never spend it.

Iíve used this one in the past for women and it has worked.

For money (especially for gambling and business deals):

1. Basin with water and chamomile. Wash hands in this and don't dry them with a towel.

2. Green candle, nutmeg. Light candle and pour nutmeg over it. Great for money

3. For prosperity in home:

Yellow Cornmeal and honey

Mix and pour on threshold of home.

4. Oshun (Prosperity in home):

5. 5 Sunflowers, bottle of beer, two yellow candles, honey

Light candles and present flowers and beer and honey to Oshun and pray for the days until sunflowers are completely dried.

On a piece of paper, shred the sunflowers and take to door's threshold, and pour along with beer and honey.

Take bell and pray to Oshun asking her what you need and what you have not.

Then take cold water and pour over this and clean up.

Madrina guarantees these work. But, if they don't, do the following for Eleggua, which opens the roads for these things to come in:

Brown piece of paper bag, fill with varied candies, three pennies. Cleanse with this by passing it all over your body. Then take it to an intersection on the road asking Ellegua for the roads to be opened and letting all you've asked for to come in. These where given to me by my Madrina Barbara 2001

Relaxing Potions

Ruff day? Need to relax your mind?

If you shower pour stuff in bottle or bowl and make this your finale rinse..If you bath, add to bath water.

  • 1 cup holy water (you can get this from a Catholic Church, remember to leave change. Remember nothing in life is free..It need not be much)
  • 1 tablespoon honey (don't worry it won't be sticky)
  • 5 drops Florida water
  • some pedals from a white flower
  • Soak and enjoy

    Dealing With Difficult People Potions

    If not like me..Make my life more Bearable

    I had a boss once during my reconstruction (I go into that more later) that tried to make my life as miserable has possible. At that time I could'nt tell where to go, 'cause I needed that little bit of money. But I had to find a way to make my life bearable at the job. This next potion can only be done on Tuesday. You will need to purchase one small spool of thread black. If you get a large one it will take more time.

    1. Take a small piece of brown paper bag. Write the person name first name going down and their last name going thru the middle to form a cross. You must use pencil to write with.
    2. Find a short block to walk around
    3. As you are walking slowly begin to wrap the thread around the paper. Don't worry it is suppose to form a coocon.
    4. As you walk tell this paper how you want to be treated, just like you were talking to the person.
    5. When you are finish toss the paper under a bush or tree and return home using a different route.

      You will see a difference the very next time you see this person.

      The Cool Cucumber

      This is another good one for calming a person down so that you can deal with them.

      Take a cucumber and cut the tip off...Save tip cause you will need it later.

      Take brown paper bag and write the persons name on it

      Put this paper in cucumber and replace the tip. Then put this in your freezer and leave it there till you no longer need it.

      Sweet Jar

      You will need

      One jar the length of your hand.

      One possible stick

      On one side write your name and on the other side write the

      persons name (full names thank you)

      Place stick in jar and add honey and water until the jar is filled. Close the jar tightly. It is ready to use.

      When it is necessary to use the bottle get a mental picture of the person. Shake the bottle as you chant 3, 5, 7 or 9 times.

      Sweet, Sweet thoughts of me You will think constantly

      Try it on somebody that is really nasty to you..See the difference.

      Eshu and Eleggua

      Sometimes it seems if all our roads have been blocked and all doors have been closed to us. Eshu is the saint that guards the roads and this ebo can be done to ask Eshu to come to our aid ~

      Take 4 smal squares of brown paper bag and you will put equal amounts of the following ingredients in all four pieces.

      3 pennies

      3 kernals of roasted corn (u can buy from pet supply store)

      a small amount of red palm oil (available at your botanica)

      a drop of white rum

      Now you need to walk around the block from your house leaving a packet on each corner. As you make this walk you must tell Eshu what it is that you seek. Return home and know that what you seek is on the way. Be real careful what you ask for, cause you will get it. I always end my ebos by asking that the result harm none.

      This nest ebo is to work with Eleggua ~ You will need the following ingredients

      21 pennies

      21 pieces of hard candy

      1 cup yellow corn meal

      bunch of parsely

      You will combine the corn meal and pennies and candy togeyher in a bag ~ Next you will rub the parsely between your hands (hands will get green the color of money) Keep rubbing the parsley until it kinda falls apart. Next with your hands mix this mixture together as you say Eleggua Father you have 21 doors please open one for me. Keep mixing until you feel your energy flowing through this mixture.

      Next you must drive through intersections that have 4 corners and dip your hand into the mixture and place in the intersections as you repeat...Eleggua Father you have 21 doors please open one for me.


      You will need:

      One basket

      One coconut

      Nine different color paints

      Nine pcs of ribbon to match the colors of the paint

      Take the basket ~ One made out of something from the earth like wicker, straw ect.

      Paint this basket in many different colors as Oya is very colorful

      Also paint the coconut the same colors used in the basket

      As you are doing the painting ask Oya for her help and protection. Let the basket and the coconut dry completely. You can add different color ribbons to the basket and then hang it in a high place in your home.

      Oshun's Honey Pot

      This was given to me by Oshun

      You will need:

      One jar of honey

      5 pcs of cinnamon

      5 quarters

      Some candy sprinkles

      White Rum

      You will need to spoon out some of the honey and put in a bowl. Next add each of the five things, one at a time. Pour remaining honey back into the jar untill filled. Left over honey can be put in a dish for Eleggua. Let the mixture sit next to what ever you have in your house representing Oshun. When the need arises to sweeten your path use the mixture in your honey pot.


      You need to find some okra, better fresh than frozen.

      Take a quart pot of water and let it come to a boil.

      Add the okra (6 or 9 pcs), better whole okra that has been sliced vertically. (to be technical, you should take the seeds out of the okra, easy enough to do with fresh , but impossible with frozen)

      Boil okra about 20 minutes,

      Add coarse yellow corn meal, slowly, a bit at the time, all the time stirring. You continue to do so, until you have lke a thick porridge.

      Remove from stove and add honey and stir well. Then you can offer it to Chango. Best to offer in a Jicara, which is one/half of a calabash gourd. It is given hot to Chango. If you have not received Chango, you can leave the offering in front of a picture of Santa Barbara or statue of same.

      Offerings for Chango are left usually at the foot of a royal palm tree. There may not be any where you live, you can leave it at the foot of a pine tree. Given by my Padrino, Ifatola

      Nana Baruku

      This Ebo was Given to me by Maria

      The full moon is NaNa Baruku time of the month.

      Put a glass of water outside and light a candle to her

      Make your request and bask in the light of the moon

      All knowing and all giving

      This is a link to a page that tells more about this Great-Grandmother of All that exists.

      These ebos are taken from various books I have read on the Yoruba/Santeria Religion or given to me by Godparents or others in the religion. I have tried all the potions I list here. As in all things before using any Ebos the Saints should be asked if this Ebo you are using is the correct one to solve your problem. My purpose is to share what has worked for me.

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