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My Pics

Sarah and me in the Rain!!!

This is my friend Kevin... when he was almost 16 (i think!) we were in Cantebury England

Sarah (on top ;) Tindi, Jenny and Amy and Jen with the purple hair at the free Wide Mouth Mason Concert in the Fox parking lot!!!

The boys of WMM!!!

Fran and Dougie of the Scottish Band Travis at the Virgin Mega store in Vancouver!!

DROOL, J. Englishman!!!! that's a pic of him on stage at SFU... my friend Sarah and I met him after the show, he's such an awesome guy.. that's the autograph... unfortunately I had run outta film when we actually met him up close!!!

A group of people I met while on the Isle of Skye in Scotland!

Pictures from the Isle of Iona in Scotland! Isn't the sheep cute?? That's Iona Abbey! and the little boat we took to Iona and Staffa!

More pics from Scotland

okay, this is kinda old now but that's me before grad... and that's me and Sarah with our spiffy boas!!!

These are my friends, Jen (as the belly dancer), Tindi (as BIG BIRD), Amy (as a fairy) and that's Chris in the middle!

This is a close up of Jim Morrison's grave, (lead singer of the Doors.) Yes, it's kinda morbid that I have a pic but it was just cool. There's was just something about him... he's buried in Paris in an amazing cemetary called Pere la chaise (sp??) Chopin and a few other famous people are buried there as well.

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