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Mrs. Fate's Web Diversions


Six Really Logical Reasons to be Here

  1. You've been working too hard, and need to take a break.
  2. You've been chained - no, linked - to your computer, and need someone to remind you that life exists outside computers.
  3. You need to send someone an electronic postcard.
  4. You're 'site'seeing. I hope your experience proves in'site'ful.
  5. You haven't been here since the addition the Hurricane Mitch Relief Page, added November, 1998, and you would like to find out how you can help.
  6. It's Fate! Hey, stop blaming me!


Fatalism of the Moment:

A mother reacts to her child's stories as she would react to them when they happened, not at the present age of the child.


Mrs. Fate's Misadventures

  • You can read the story that inspired the above Fatalism - a trip to NYC that I took when I was 18 years old.
  • For your enjoyment I have archived three previous misadventures: Mrs. Fate's Misplaced Ornaments, Mrs. Fate's Mall Misadventure and Mrs. Fate at Camp MisDirection.


The author as a young girl, pre-Fate, most of her misadventures ahead of her.

Mrs. Fate's Fatalisms

  • I have also retained a list of fatalisms in case you have missed any of them, or need to read them again.


Mrs. Fate's Contest Links

  • As the Fates would have it, I have won a few sweepstakes and contests on the internet. The list of my wins is here! Good luck; I hope to see you in the Winners Circle!


The Newest List of Web Diversions

  • I have begun my own virtual greeting card site. So, visit Mrs. Fate's Instant Cyber Cards. The cards are easy to use - just send the URL of the card you would like to send through E-mail, ICQ or other Internet messaging program.
  • How could I have known that my daughter Tamara would have become such a poet, and that some of her friends would call her Roy?
  • You too can have a free homepage at Angelfire - proof that anyone can WWWeb!
  • Please promise me that you won't spend all your time trying to solve puzzles at the Triangle Street Puzzle Gallery.
  • So much to do on the Islands, and so much to hear if you have RealAudio in the Harauki Gulf of New Zealand.
  • See the history of comics at Princeton University.
  • What's the weather like on Mt. Shasta? Is it dark or light out? See for yourself on the Mount Shasta Cam!
  • Some time ago a young girl wrote her diary; her name was Anne Frank, and through her we can all remember what we should never forget: The Holocaust.
  • Think of an animal, then go play the Beasty Game.
  • If you can't get to Africa, then join Arold in his Africa Adventure.
  • Give your wallet and checkbook a day off and see this freebie list.
  • Give a listen to some Celtic music on the Tune Web. For those of you who play music, there is an added bonus - oodles of sheet music.
  • Someday I'll go to Mexico, but for now I will have to settle for these wonderful photos and maps.
  • Do you have a feeling that something is missing? Perhaps you were here before and now you're looking for that diversion that you neglected to save to favorites. I saved it for you! No need to thank me.

Please check back again. If you are desperate for more of my misadventures and fatalisms you can even email me and I will notify you when this site is updated The same goes for the contest links. My email address is:

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