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MomLink-The Birthmom Connection

What You Can Find Here

To all who have stumbled upon this page...hello. I began this page as an 18 year old birthmom of a one and a half year old beautiful little boy. He was placed with his adoptive parents five days after he was born, but during those five days I spent every waking moment with my son and have spent many nights in endless torment aching to hold him one last time. I am now 21 and that feeling has not changed one bit.

I have searched and searched for someone who could understand how I much my heart hurts, how much I loved my child that I could give him a life that did not involve my own, and how bittersweet this whole experience has been.

It was then that I decided to set up this site...for those mothers whose arms may not hold their children, but will forever cradle them in their hearts. This page is meant to honor those who broke their own hearts for the love of their child. I'd like to be able to collect some of your experiences, be they happy or sad, and post some of them for others who visit this page to read. We all, as birthmoms need to find some way to express our emotions...grief or joy...and it is my hope that you will find a way to do that and maybe find some degree of peace within this page.

So, in closing, please consider sending in your story, your feelings, poetry, even a letter to your child...anything that you think other birthmoms could benefit from, understand, or help you with. Also, feel free to e-mail me with comments or suggestions for this page OR to join our developing list of birthmom e-mail penpals. (I am hoping that in smaller groups you can e-mail back and forth with thoughts on adoption, problems, or even just make a new friend that has walked in your shoes)

Thanks and come back soon.


Remembering Our Little Ones

Please consider adding your little one's name to this page...I have found that it serves as a peaceful reminder of my son and breaks the silence that has kept me from being able to tell the world about him. CLICK HERE to visit my page dedicated to the little ones who will forever live in our hearts.

Birthmom Penpals- Write to another Mom!

Click here to e-mail Tirza Tirza is a birthmom of a little girl who is turning 7 this September. Her daughter was placed in an open adoption when Tirza was twenty, and she is happy with her choice of adoptive couple..still she knows what pain a birthmom can go through. She is willing to penpal with other birthmoms or prospective birthmoms- she feels that she can tell other young women considering adoption what they can expect....and feels it is important that they know.

Click here to e-mail BethAs you know, my name is Beth, I am a birthmom of a now 5 year old little boy, and I run this site. My son was placed in a closed adoption when I was sixteen, and I have only recieved a few pictures and a yearly update since. I'm no longer with my son's father. I'd love to hear from other birthmoms or anyone with question about adoption. It'd be nice just to have someone else who knows what I'm going through.

E-mail me to put your name on this list!!

This A Gift of Love site owned by Beth.
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