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Michael is a vampire who dreams of his life before his awful transformation, and who tries to redeem himself by rescuing would-be victims in the park near his home.

Elaina is a forensic pathologist working with ex-husband and policeman Rick Campbell on the case that broke up their marriage. The Avenger vigilante case. Along the way, Elaina makes an unusual discovery in the wounds on a recent "victim". Teeth marks. She concludes the vigilante must be insane and believes himself a vampire.  Unable to convince Rick that she has new information,  she makes herself bait for the madman and therein meets Michael.

Their attraction is instant and overwhelming. Will his secret destroy their blooming romance, or will it be destroyed by the copycat that has begun killing people in the park? 


Author Minda Samiels is the stay at home mom of three children. She writes in her spare time and is currently completing her second novel, Avarice, a murder mystery. She is also  working on a children's novel, as well as a romance novel. The book is not currently available at an epublisher but I am working out a way that it may be downloaded here. Please check back later. You can read reviews of the book at my review page. Or buy the ebook at ClocktowerXtras.


You can go to MSZine's website to read an interview with me. 

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