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                                                           MAXIMILIANO HERRERA HUMAN RIGHTS LINKS

Maximiliano Herrera's Human Rights Site
The Home Page
Electoral Democracies
It ranks all the independent countries in three categories: Electoral Democracy, Pseudo Democracy and Dictatorship according to their electoral system. It also includes a list of the countries without elections.
Freedom in the World
It ranks all the independent countries according to their political freedoms and civil rights.

It also includes the website Freedom in the Territories which shows the same ranking for the related territories and non-independent regions.

World Rank
It contains a list of all independent countries in the world ranked according to
their HDI (Human Development Index) or living standard.
It means incomes, political situation, health system, social situation,etc....

The site also includes a link to World Rank in the Territories which includes the same statistics of living standard in the related non-independent territories.

A World in Trouble
This site shows the perception of the risk of a coup or a new conflict for every independent country. This perception is ranked in: HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, VERY LOW and NONE.
New Countries
This site shows the possibilities of some territories becoming independent. The statistics includes the short term chances and the long term chances of achieving independence.

It also includes another list which shows the statistics of some independent countries to be annexed into another country in the future.

Extreme Temperatures Around the World
This site has also been created by Maximiliano Herrera. It contains the extreme temperatures recorded in hundreds of different localities around the world.

                                                                          ELECTORAL LINKS

Adam Carr's Election Archive It contains a huge database with the results of the past world elections
IFES provides information and links about worldwide elections.
Parties and Elections in Europe This site contains several electoral links.
Electoral Services International (former Code Incorporated) delivers election and registration supplies worldwide and provides customized materials to support secure voting worldwide.
Lantrade Global Supplies provides professional solutions for all aspects of the electoral process.
The International Observer also contains an electoral calendar and other political news.
Bank Holidays also includes an electoral calendar.
Elections En Europe includes electoral results and information in all European countries at national, regional and local levels. (in French)
ACE Electoral Knowledge Network provides authoritative information on elections, promotes sustained networking among reputable election professionals and offers capacity development services to electoral management institutions and electoral assistance providers.
Electoral Geography provides a map of elections worldwide.


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  • 23 April-Lebanon,President (by the Parliament)
  • 9 July-Cook Islands (New Zealand),Parliament
  • 29 October-Solomon Islands,Parliament


5 January-Bangladesh,Parliament 
7 January-Georgia (USA),Special elections for House districts #2 and #22 1st round
7 January-Massachusetts (USA),Special election for Norfolk #9
8 January-Puntland (Somalia),Indirect election of the President and Vice President (by the Parliament)
8 January-Vanuatu,Municipal elections in Port Vila
14 January-Florida (USA),Special primary election for House #13
14 January-Arkansas (USA),Special election for Senate #21
14 January-South Carolina (USA),Special election in Clinton #5
14 January-Tuvalu,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Nanumaga
14-15 January-Egypt,Referendum on the new Constitution
19 January-Japan,Local elections in Animazu,Misato,Kanoya,Nago,Niyodogawa,Otaki,Toyo,Kitajima,Miki,Takamori,Wassamu,Makurazaki,Takagi,Ninohe,Hirono,Otaki and Minamisoma
19 January-Balochistan (Pakistan),Local government elections 2nd phase
20 January-Central African Republic,Internal presidential election (elected by the Transitional Council)
21 January-South Carolina (USA),Special election in Spartanburg
23 January-Tokelau (New Zealand),Island council and mayoral elections
26 January-Japan,Local elections in Miyazaki,Nobeoka,Shiwa,Matsuura,Ikoma,Hirakawa,Hanamaki,Honjo,Kamikwa,Taki,Kiho,Kimino,Kamitonda,Katsuura,Nakatosa,Ureshino,Tateyama,Achi,Kaizuka,Kitakata,
Date,Fukaya,Sanfeng,Nanjo,Yae,Toyoura,Nishimeya,Tsu,Miyakonojo,Isen,Saihaku,Gosen,Kusatsu,Hatano,Susono,Kurume,Kusu,Ayabe,Kotora,Satosho and Ninohe
28 January-Florida (USA),Local elections
28 January-Manitoba (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Morris and Arthur-Virden
29 January-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Buffalo City #3,Mbhashe #1,4,5,10,15,17,21,24,26,28,29 and 30,Elundini #7,Emfuleni #15 and in Matzikama #4
1 February-Louisiana (USA),Municipal primary elections in Orleans parish
2 February-Thailand,Parliament
2 February-Costa Rica,President 1st round and Parliament
2 February-El Salvador,President 1st round
2 February-Gagauzia (Moldova),Referendum on integration with a Russia-led customs union, on a closer relationship with the European Union and
on the right of Gagauzia to declare independence
2 February-Nagasaki (Japan),Gubernatorial election
2 February-Japan,Local elections in Takahagi,Odai,Chikujo,Misato,Ibusuki,Shibushi,Yamanashi,Itoshima,Gifu and Katagami
4 February-Japan,Local election in Arita
4 February-California (USA),Special election for House #54
4 February-Georgia (USA),Special elections for House districts #2 and #22 2nd round
4 February-Minnesota (USA),Precint caucuses
4 February-Ohio (USA),Special elections
4 February-Florida (USA),Local elections
7 February-India,Council of States elections for 55 members
8 February-Australia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Griffith
9 February-Switzerland,Referendums on imposing a quota on the immigration of EU citizens, on expanding the rail network and on abortion
9 February-Tokyo (Japan),Gubernatorial election
9 February-Japan,Local elections in Tsuyama,Sakai,Wakasa,Minamata,Namekawa,Hino,Kawara,Sosa,Tonaki,Ohno,Yomitan,Nantan and Sakaiminato
11 February-Washington State (USA),Special election
11 February-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Belton,Sellers and Elloree
12 February-South Africa,Municipal by-election in Metsimaholo (Sasolburg) 
13 February-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Niagara Falls and Thornhill
13 February-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seats in Wythenshawe and Sale East (Greater Manchester)
16 February-Sardinia (Italy),Regional elections
16 February-Japan,Local elections in Yotsukaidou,Tokigawamachi,Kaminoseki,Ogi,Rifu,Kuji and Hino
18 February-Wisconsin (USA),Judicial primary elections
19 February-Cook Islands (New Zealand),Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Murienua
19 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
20 February-Libya,Constitutional Assembly election 
20 February-Wales (United Kingdom),City council by-election for Cardiff City council
22 February-Queensland (Australia),State legislative by-election for 1 seat in Redcliffe
23 February-Ecuador,Municipal and district elections 
23 February-Japan,Local elections in Hokuto,Nagahama,Aisho,Umi,Rumoi,Eiheiji,Kamoenai,Nichinan,Machida,Shintomicho,Ami and Oirase
23 February-Burkina Faso,Municipal by-elections in Ouagadougou #4,Bagre,Dande,Guiaro,Pensa,Yamba and Soubakaniedougou
25 February-Kansas (USA),City primary elections
25 February-Michigan (USA),City elections
25 February-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Lincolnsville and James Island
2 March-Thailand,Parliamentary elections in 28 constituencies (not held on 2 February due to riots)
2 March-Nicaragua,Regional election in the Costa Atlantica Region
2 March-Japan,Local elections in Yukuhashi,Kanegasaki,Ishigaki,Komi,Saigo and Shirosato
3 March-Airai (Palau),State election
4 March-Malta,Indirect Presidential appointment (by the Prime Minister)
4 March-Texas (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 1st round
4 March-Colorado (USA),Precint Caucuses for US Congressional election
4 March-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Dover
4 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Olanta and Lexington
5 March-Jersey (UK),By-elections for 2 Deputees 
9 March-Colombia,Parliamentary,Senate and local elections
9 March-El Salvador,Presidential runoff election
9 March-North Korea,Parliament 
9 March-Montenegro,Municipal elections
9 March-Salzburg (Austria),Municipal elections 
9 March-Switzerland,General council elections in Obwalden
9 March-Japan,Local elections in Oshu,Sumoto,Fokosatoshi,Otawara and Mihama
11 March-Idaho (USA),Local elections
11 March-Florida (USA),Local elections
11 March-New Hampshire (USA),Township elections 1st stage
11 March-Florida (USA),Special election for House #13
11 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Pelion,Seneca,Pinewood,Blythewood and Lyman
15 March-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections in Orleans parish
15 March-South Australia (Australia),State legislative election
15 March-Tasmania (Australia),State legislative election
15 March-Slovakia,President 1st round
16 March-Serbia,Parliamentary elections and local election in Belgrade,Negotin and Pecinci 
16 March-Senegal,Municipal elections 
16 March-Crimea (Ukraine),Referendum on its political status if staying within Ukraine or be part of the Russian Federation 
16 March-Bavaria (Germany),Municipal and city council elections
16 March-Balochistan (Pakistan),Local government elections 3rd phase
16 March-Ishikawa (Japan),Gubernatorial election
16 March-Japan,Local elections in Wajima,Miyawaka,Matsuwaka,Higashiizu,Hashimoto,Koshi and Shirahama
18 March-Illinois (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
18 March-North Dakota (USA),Township elections
18 March-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Berry Hill
19 March-Netherlands,Municipal elections
20 March-Utah (USA),Republican Party Precint Caucus for US Congressional election
20 March-India,Indirect by-elections for 9 members each of the State legislative councils of Bihar and Maharashtra (elected by the members of Legislative Assembly of the States)
22 March-Maldives,Parliament 
22 March-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Clover
23 March-France,Municipal elections 1st round
23 March-French Guiana (France),Local elections 1st round
23 March-Reunion (France),Local elections 1st round
23 March-Mayotte (France),Local elections 1st round
23 March-Guadeloupe (France),Local elections 1st round
23 March-Martinique (France),Local elections 1st round
23 March-New Caledonia (France),Municipal elections 1st round
23 March-Belarus,Municipal elections 
23 March-Kajang State (Malaysia),State legislative by-election for 1 seat in Selangor 
23 March-Japan,Local elections in Toda,Kisarazu,Takayama,Kitaakita,Oi-cho,Nishimera,Sakegawa-mura,Nasu,Kami,Nankan,Kannami-cho,
Zushi,Kitami,Mibu-machi,Hinodecho,Nagomi,Mukawa-cho,Amakusa and Shikokuchuo
23 March-India,State legislative councils by-elections in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh
26 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 5 seats in KwaZulu-Natal State
28-30 March-North Dakota (USA),Party Conventions for US Congressional election
29 March-Slovakia,President 2nd round
29 March-Sri Lanka,Provincial elections in Western and Southern provinces
29 March-Sarawak (Malaysia),State legislative by-election for 1 seat in Balingian
30 March-France,Municipal elections 2nd round
30 March-French Guiana (France),Local elections 2nd round
30 March-Reunion (France),Local elections 2nd round
30 March-Mayotte (France),Local elections 2nd round
30 March-Guadeloupe (France),Local elections 2nd round
30 March-Martinique (France),Local elections 2nd round
30 March-New Caledonia (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
30 March-Turkey,Municipal elections
30 March-Switzerland,General council elections in Bern
30 March-Thailand,Half of the Senate election 
30 March-Japan,Local elections in Tokai,Ashikita,Henan,Hidaka-cho,Ueda,Ogawa-mura,Kurayoshi,Shimotsuma,Hiji,Tamaki-cho,Tokunoshima,Yamagata,Uto and Awa
1 April-District of Columbia (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
1 April-Kansas (USA),City elections
1 April-Wisconsin (USA),Judicial elections
1 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in West Union,Folly Beach,Norway,Rowesville,Central Pacelot and in Oconee #3
1 April-San Marino,Indirect elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)
5 April-Afghanistan,Presidential 1st round and provincial elections
5 April-Australia,Rerun of the 2013 Senate elections in Western Australia
5 April-Louisiana (USA),Municipal primary elections 
6 April-Hungary,Parliament
6 April-Costa Rica,Presidential runoff election
6 April-Japan,Local elections in Kuriyama-cho,Nabari,Kin,Daejeon,Kumenan-cho,Esashi-cho,Kyoto,Yosano,Wake-cho,Ide-cho,Nantan and Takeo
6 April-Kyoto (Japan),Gubernatorial election
7 April-India,Parliamentary election 1st phase
7 April-Quebec (Canada),Provincial elections 
8 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in 16 municipalities
9 April-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election for 1 seat in Virginia Waters
9 April-Indonesia,Parliamentary,Senate and local elections
9 April-India,Parliamentary election 2nd phase
10 April-Maharashtra (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 1 seat in 33-Risod
10 April-India,Parliamentary election 3rd phase
10 April-Orissa (India),State assembly election 1st phase
11 April-Mizoram (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 1 seat in 28-Hrangturzo
12 April-India,Parliamentary election 4th phase
12 April-Sikkim (India),State assembly election 
12 April-Niue (New Zealand),Parliament 
12 April-Northern Territory (Australia),Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Blain
12 April-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Olar
13 April-Macedonia,President 1st round 
13 April-Guinea Bissau,President and Parliament 
13 April-Japan,Local elections in Kyoto,Tottori,Hirosaki,Miyoshi,Nanae-cho,Shoo-cho,Hidaka,Kudamatsu,Nishikawa-machi,Mashiko,Tako-machi,Imari,Kesennuma,Omitama,Takanezawa,Obihiro,Tama,East Miyoshi,Ikata,Yoshinogari-cho,Arita-cho,
and Aki-gun,Asakuchi,Shodoshima,Ayagawa-cho,Man'nouchou,Shimanto-cho,Kuroshiou-cho,Lizuka,Kama,Higashishirakawa,
Toyako,Anping,Kasama,Nikko,Tomioka,Annaka,Midori,Minano,Izumi,Nagashima-cho,Kunisaki,Kashima,Kazo,Tsubata-cho,Kaifu,Shibetsu,Semboku,Mashiki-machi and Konan
15 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Murfreesboro
17 April-Algeria,President 
17 April-India,Parliamentary election 5th phase
17 April-Orissa (India),State assembly election 2nd phase
17 April-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 2 seats in 10-Kumargram and 16-Maynaguri


20 April-Japan,Local elections in Shinihidaka-cho,Takahata-machi,Noshiro,Mima,Happo-cho,East Machi,Minamiboso,Sanmu,Sakai,North Nagoya,
Showa,Kawachinagano,Gose,Osaki,Minamiaizu-machi,Naganohara-machi,South Echizen-cho,Hidaka-cho,Kai,Toho,Uki,Misato,Kanoya,Nakano,Fujieda,Aisai,Kiyosu,Kamikawa-cho,Kumano,Minami-cho,Miyako,Tamura,Osan Nasu,Shimotsuke,Nakagawa-machi,Minakami,Chichibu,Kasukabe,Kamisato,Ochi-cho,
Fuchu,Manukata,Furano,Toyonaka,Nishinomiya,Koya-cho,Fuchu,Yonabaru-cho,Ogori,Nagao,Tosa,Haebaru-cho,Zentsuji,Kamisato,Kashima,Kumeijima-cho,Kudoyama-cho and Minima Shimabara
22 April-Washington State (USA),Special election
22 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Loretto
22 April-Florida (USA),Local elections
23 April-Lebanon,President (by the Parliament) (L. Jacquemin 16/4/14)
24 April-India,Parliamentary election 6th phase
24 April-Madhya Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 1 seat in 144-Vidisha
24 April-Tamil Nadu (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 1 seat in 28-Aladur
24 April-Bihar (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 2 seats in 55-Kochadhaman and 57-Baisi
25-26 April-Utah (USA),Republican Party Convention for US Congressional election
26 April-Utah (USA),Democratic Party Convention for US Congressional election
26 April-Thailand,Mayoral by-election in Patong (Phuket Gazzette 17/3/14)
27 April-Macedonia,President 2nd round and Parliamentary elections
27 April-Japan,Local elections in Okinawa,Matsuyama,Otari,Kuma,Numata,Fujioka,Sanuki,Tsukubamirai,Kaiyo-cho,Minami-cho,Kamitonda-cho,Yakage-cho,Uda,Katori,Ina,Minamimaki,Hachimantai,Nikaho,Date,Isesaki,Sanjo,Tatsuno,
Sayo-cho,Uda,Kainan,Tsuwano,Yamaguchi,Hagi,Ukiha,Kimotsuki and Higashiyoshino
30 April-Iraq,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 5/11/13)
30 April-India,Parliamentary election 7th phase
30 April-Andhra Pradesh (India),State assembly election 1st phase
30 April-Gujarat (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 7 seats
30 April-Bihar (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 1 seat in 145-Sahebdpur Kamal
30 April-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 2 seats in 165-Unnao and 240-Fatehpur
30 April-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 1 seat in 274-Galsi
May-Antigua and Barbuda,Parliament
May-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections for 4 seats in Macleod,Fort McMurray—Athabasca,Trinity-Spadina and Scarborough-Agincourt
May-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-election for 1 seat in Brampton-Springdale
May-South Africa,President (by the Parliament)
May-Melekeok (Palau),State election
3 May-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections and local referendum in Orleans
4 May-Panama,Presidential,Vice Presidential,Parliamentary,municipal and council elections
4 May-New Caledonia (France),Parliament (Pacific Islands Report 18/11/13)
6 May-Indiana (USA),US Congressional primary election
6 May-North Carolina (USA),US Congressional primary election 
6 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in St. Stephen,Chesnee and Cowpens
6 May-Ohio (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
6 May-Michigan (USA),City elections
6 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Rockford and Lafayette
7 May-South Africa,Parliamentary and provincial elections (L. Jacquemin 7/2/14)
7 May-India,Parliamentary election 8th phase
7 May-Andhra Pradesh (India),State assembly election 2nd phase
7 May-Bihar (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 2 seats in 112-Maharajganj and 20-Chiraia
7 May-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 2 seats in 244-Rampur Khas and 247-Vishwanath Ganj 
7 May-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 1 seat in Katulpur
7 May-Himachal Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly by-election for 1 seat in 57-Sujanpur
10 May-Texas (USA),Local elections in Palestine City
11 May-Lithuania,President 1st round
11 May-Delaware (USA),Party Conventions for US Congressional election
12 May-India,Parliamentary election 9th phase
12 May-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 2 seats in 86-Santipur and 91-Chakdaha
13 May-Nebraska (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
13 May-West Virginia (USA),US Congressional primary election
13 May-New Hampshire (USA),Township elections 2nd stage
13 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Bonneau,Hardeeville and Greenwood #51 and #52
16 May-Dominican Republic,Parliamentary,Senate and municipal elections
18 May-Switzerland,Federal and cantonal referenda on financing of Gripen E fighter aircraft procurement, on hourly minimum wage, on exclusion of convicted pedophiles
from working with youths and on recognition of family medicine 
and general council elections in Graubunden
18 May-Greece,Local elections 1st round
18 May-Japan,Local elections in Mitane-cho,Sennan,Sakaemachi,Hasuda,Izumisano,Watari-cho,Inami-cho,Kotohira and Bizen
20 May-Malawi,President and Parliament
20 May-Idaho (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
20 May-Kentucky (USA),US Congressional primary election
20 May-Pennsylvania (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
20 May-Arkansas (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 1st round
20 May-Oregon (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
20 May-Georgia (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 1st round
22 May-England (United Kingdom),Local elections
22 May-Wales (United Kingdom),Local elections
22 May-Northern Ireland (United Kingdom),Local elections
22 to 25 May-European Union,Parliament
25 May-Germany,Local elections in the states of Rhineland-Palatinate,Baden-Württemberg,Brandenburg,
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania,North Rhine-Westphalia,Saarland,Saxony,Saxony-Anhalt,Thuringia,Hamburg
25 May-Belgium,Parliamentary and regional elections and indirect Senate elections (L. Jacquemin 29/1/13)
25 May-Ukraine,President 1st round
25 May-Ireland,Local elections
25 May-Greece,Local elections 2nd round
25 May-Italy,Municipal elections
25 May-Lithuania,Presidential runoff election 
25 May-Denmark,Referendum on whether to join the EU's Unified Patent Court
25 May-Colombia,President 1st round (L. Jacquemin 2/6/13)
25 May-Japan,Local elections in Kasugai,Ishinomaki,Musashimurayama,Ama-cho,Noda,Iwate,Higashinaruse,Kamogawa and Kikuchi
25 May-Venezuela,Municipal elections in San Diego and San Cristobal (El Universal 10/4/14)
26-27 May-Egypt,President
27 May-Texas (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 2nd round
28 May-Afghanistan,Presidential runoff election
28 May-Japan,Local election in Gokase
31 May-Iceland,Municipal elections
June-Northern Cyprus,Local elections
1 June-Uruguay,Presidential primary elections
1 June-Switzerland,General council elections in Glarus
3 June-Alabama (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 1st round
3 June-California (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
3 June-Iowa (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
3 June-Montana (USA),US Congressional primary election
3 June-New Mexico (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
3 June-South Dakota (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 1st stage
3 June-Mississippi (USA),US Congressional primary election 1st round
3 June-New Jersey (USA),US Congressional primary election
3 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Greenville and Wartburg
4 June-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Livingston
4 June-South Korea,Municipal elections
5 June-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Parsons
8 June-Ukraine,President 2nd round
8 June-South Ossetia (Georgia),Parliament (Osinform 22/3/14)
10 June-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Oak Hill
10 June-Nevada (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
10 June-North Dakota (USA),US Congressional primary election,City and council elections and Referendum on changing the filing deadline for initiated petitions
and to providing a timeline for challenges filed with the Supreme Court
10 June-Virginia (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
10 June-Arkansas (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 2nd round
10 June-South Carolina (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 1st round and local elections in Chesterfield,Kershaw,Inman,Lyman and Poplar Springs
10 June-Maine (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
14 June-Israel,President (by the Parliament)
15 June-Georgia,Local elections
17 June-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Brownsville
21 June-Ekiti (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election (INEC 26/1/14)
24 June-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Maynardville
24 June-Maryland (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
24 June-Oklahoma (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 1st round
24 June-Mississippi (USA),US Congressional primary election 2nd round
24 June-South Carolina (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 2nd round
24 June-New York (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
24 June-Utah (USA),US Congressional primary election
24 June-Colorado (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
29 June-Lithuania,Referendum on banning the sale of land to foreigners
July-Macau (China),Indirect Chief Executive election
6 July-Mexico,State deputees and municipal elections in Baja California Sur, Coahuila, Hidalgo, Nayarit, Guerrero and Michoacan
9 July-Cook Islands (New Zealand),Parliament (L. Jacquemin 17/4/14)
9 July-Indonesia,President
13 July-Shiga (Japan),Gubernatorial election
15 July-Alabama (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 2nd round
22 July-Georgia (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 2nd round
25 July-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal elections in Winnipeg Beach, Dunnottar and Victoria Beach
28 July-Florida (USA),Local elections
29 July-South Carolina (USA),Local election in James Island 
August-Sao Tome and Principe,Parliamentary and municipal elections
August-Principe (Sao Tome and Principe),Regional elections
August-Libya,Referendum on the Constitution
August-Ghana,Local government elections
August-Kagawa (Japan),Gubernatorial election
2 August (?)-US Virgin Islands (USA),US Congressional primary elections
5 August-Michigan (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
5 August-Missouri (USA),US Congressional  primary election
5 August-Kansas (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
5 August-Washington State (USA),US Congressional primary election
5 August-Ohio (USA),Special elections
7 August-Tennessee (USA),US Congressional,Gubernatorial and county primary elections,Judicial elections and local elections in 55 municipalities
9 August-Hawaii (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
9 August-Osun State (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election
10 August-Turkey,President 1st round 
10 August-Nagano (Japan),Gubernatorial election
12 August-Minnesota (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
12 August-Wisconsin (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
12 August-South Dakota (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 2nd stage
12 August-Connecticut (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
12 August-Arkansas (USA),Municipal primary elections
12 August-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Cherokee,Blacksburg and Gaffney
19 August-Wyoming (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
19 August-Alaska (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
24 August-Turkey,President 2nd round 
26 August-Florida (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
26 August-Arizona (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
26 August-Vermont (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
26 August-Oklahoma (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections 2nd round
26 August-Alabama (USA),Municipal Elections in Auburn,Bessemer,Gadsden,Huntsville,Mountain Brook and Scottsboro
26 August-Idaho (USA),Local elections
26 August-Florida (USA),Local elections
30 August-Guam (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
31 August-Saxony (Germany),State assembly election
September-Vanuatu,President (by the Parliament)
September-Montserrat (UK),Parliament
September-France,Indirect elections of half of the Senate (elected by municipal officials)
September-Kazakhstan,Senate elections
September-Sint Marteen (Netherlands),Assembly election
September-Haryana (India),State assembly election
4 September-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Plainview
8 September-Russia,Local elections including Moscow Duma election
9 September-Delaware (USA),US Congressional primary election
9 September-New Hampshire (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
9 September-Rhode Island (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
14 September-Sweden,Parliamentary and local elections
14 September-Brandeburg (Germany),State assembly election
14 September-Thuringia (Germany),State assembly election
14 September-Voralberg (Austria),State elections
16 September-Massachusetts (USA),US Congressional and Gubernatorial primary elections
16 September-Arkansas (USA),School board elections 1st round
17 September-Fiji,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 28/3/14)
18 September-Scotland (UK),Referendum on the independence
20 September-New Zealand,Parliament (Fairfax New Zealand 10/3/14)
22 September-New Brunswick (Canada),Provincial election
28 September-Switzerland,Referendum
October-Botswana,Parliamentary and local elections
October-Bahrain,Parliamentary and municipal elections
October-Fiji,President (by the Parliament)
October-Jersey (UK),General elections
October-Tanzania,Referendum on Constitutional changes and Local government elections
October-Mali,Municipal elections
October-Madagascar,Local elections
October-Arunachal Pradesh (India),State assembly election
October-Sri Lanka,Provincial elections in Uva
1 October-San Marino,Indirect elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)
4 October-Latvia,Parliament (The International Observer 5/2/14)
5 October-Brazil,Presidential,Parliamentary,1/3 of the Senate,gubernatorial and local assemblies elections
5 October-Bolivia,Presidential,Parliamentary and gubernatorial elections
5 October-Bosnia and Herzegovina,Tri-presidential and parliamentary elections
5 October-Federation Muslim-Croat (Bosnia and Herzegovina),President and Parliament
5 October-Republika Sprska (Bosnia and Herzegovina),President and Parliament
5 October-Switzerland,General council elections in Zug
5 October-Peru,Regional and municipal elections (Justicia Electoral 18/11/13)
7 October-Alaska (USA),Local elections
7 October-Arkansas (USA),School board elections 2nd round
14 October-Liberia,Senate by-elections
15 October-Mozambique,President and Parliament
22 October-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal and school board elections
22 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Rural municipal elections
26 October-Uruguay,President 1st round and Parliament
26 October-Switzerland,General council elections in Jura
27 October-Ontario (Canada),Municipal elections
29 October-Solomon Islands,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 9/4/14)
November-Namibia,President and Parliament
November-Haiti,Elections for 1/3 of the Senate and municipal elections
November-Iraq,President (by the Parliament)
November-Poland,Local elections
November-Hungary,Municipal elections
November-Slovenia,Local elections
November-Myanmar,Parliamentary by-elections for 13 seats and Senatorial by-elections for 6 seats (Bangkok Post 21/3/14)
November-Maharashtra (India),State assembly election
November-Ngatpang (Palau),State election
November-Fukushima (Japan),Gubernatorial election
November-Wakayama (Japan),Gubernatorial election
November-Ehime (Japan),Gubernatorial election
November-Okinawa (Japan),Gubernatorial election
November-Japan,Mayoral elections in Niigata and Fukuoka
2 November-Comoros,Parliament 1st round (L. Jacquemin 2/3/14)
3 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal elections 
4 November-United States,Elections of 1/2 of the House of Representative and 1/3 of the Senate and gubernatorial elections in 37 states
(excluding Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri,
Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia )
and local council and municipal elections
4 November-Louisiana (USA),US Congressional Primary election
4 November-Arkansas (USA),Municipal elections 1st round
4 November-California (USA),Local elections
4 November-Idaho (USA),Local elections
4 November-South Carolina (USA),County and special elections
4 November-Tennessee (USA),County elections
4 November-Nevada (USA),Judicial elections
4 November-Texas (USA),Judicial and county elections
4 November-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
4 November-Florida (USA),Local elections
4 November-Wyoming (USA),Referendum on allowing the governor to appoint nonresidents of 
the state to serve as University of Wyoming trustees
4 November-Oregon (USA),Referendum on allowing citizens who cannot prove to be in the USA legally to obtain an Oregon driver licence
4 November-North Dakota (USA),Referendums on abortion, mortgage taxes,changes for the Board of Education and on the fiscal impact of measures to initiate Constitutional changes
4 November-South Dakota (USA),Referendums on financial charges on loans,minimum wage and on preferred provider
4 November-Minnesota (USA),County,township and school board elections
4 November-Northern Marianas (USA),Gubernatorial and US House elections
4 November-US Virgin Islands (USA),Gubernatorial and US House elections
4 November-American Samoa (United States),Gubernatorial,US House and Senate elections 1st round
4 November-Guam (United States),Gubernatorial and US House elections
4 November-Puerto Rico (United States),US House elections
4 November-Micronesia,Gubernatorial elections in Kosrae and Yap
9 November (proposed)-Catalonia (Spain),Referendum on the independence
9 November-Romania,President
10 November-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Laurens
11 November-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Santee
15 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal elections
16 November-Comoros,Parliament 2nd round (L. Jacquemin 2/3/14)
18 November-American Samoa (United States),Gubernatorial runoff election
25 November-Arkansas (USA),Municipal runoff elections
25 November-Tonga,Parliament
29 November-Victoria (Australia),State legislative elections
30 November-Uruguay,Presidential runoff election
30 November-Switzerland,Referendum
December-Uzbekistan,Parliamentary,regional,district and municipal councils elections
December-Slovakia,Municipal elections
December-Switzerland,President (by the Parliament)
December-Iran,Assembly of Experts (Senate) elections
December-Azerbaijan,Local elections
December-Jharkhand (India),State assembly election
December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State assembly election
December-Gagauzia (Moldova),Gubernatorial election
December-Zimbabwe,ZANU-PF:Internal leadership election
2 December-Taiwan,Municipal elections
2 December-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Kiawah Island
6 December-Louisiana (USA),US Congressional runoff election
7 December-Costa Rica,Municipal elections
8 December-Northwest Territories (Canada),Hamlet elections
8 December-Nunavut (Canada),Hamlet elections
9 December-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Collierville 2nd round (of the first held on the 4 November election day)
16 December-Florida (USA),Local elections 

????-Benin,Local elections  
????-Puntland (Somalia),Local council elections 
????-Zambia,Parliamentary by-elections in Petauke Central,Mulobezi,Malambo,Vubwi and Zambezi West
????-Madagascar,Senate elections
????-Mauritania,Indirect election of 1/3 of Senate 
????-Tunisia,President and Parliament
????-Togo,Municipal elections
????-Libya,Presidential,parliamentary and local elections
????-Egypt,Local elections
????-Congo Brazzaville,Local elections
????-Congo Brazzaville,Indirect Senate elections
????-Guinea,Municipal elections
????-Yemen,Referendum on the new Constitution
????-Yemen,President and Parliament
????-Pakistan,Local government elections in Sindh and Punjab
????-Sri Lanka,Municipal elections in Jaffna and Vavuniya 
????-Papua New Guinea,Rerun of Local government elections in 19 governorships 
????-Ngaraard (Palau),State Referendums on State Constitutional changes
????-Guyana,Local government elections


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