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?? January-Solomon Island,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in West Makira
?? January-Bangladesh,City elections in Chittagong
3 January-Croatia,Parliament 
4 January-Iowa (USA),Special election for State House #53
9 January-Uzbekistan,President
13 January-Zambia,Eastern and Southern Provinces parliamentary by-elections
15 January-Texas (USA),Special election for State House #115 1st round 
16 January-Chile,President 2nd round
16 January-Finland,President 1st round 
16 January-Guinea Bissau,President 2nd round 
20 January-India,Parliamentary by-elections for 12 seats
(8 for the Upper house and 4 for the Lower house)
22 January-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Corangamite
23 January-Anjouan (Comoros),Referendum on the Status with Comoros
24 January-Croatia,President 1st round 
24 January-Kuwait,Parliamentary by-election in Ahmadi 
24 January-Iowa (USA),US presidential primary elections of the Republican
and Democratic parties
27 January-Kenya,Internal election of the KANU party
30 January-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Landes #3 1st round
30 January-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Olo
31 January-Dominica,Parliament
1 February-New Hampshire (USA),US presidential Republican primary elections 
3 February-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Ceredigion
3 February-Kurdistan (Iraq),Municipal elections
5 February-Queensland (Australia),State assembly by-elections for 2 seats in Bundamba and Woodridge
6 February-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Osaka Prefecture
6 February-Finland,President 2nd round
6 February-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Landes #3 2nd round
6 February-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Victoriaville Districts 1 and 8
7 February-Croatia,President 2nd round 
8 February-Greece,President (by the Parliament)
8 February-Delaware (USA),Republican Party primary election 
10 February-Gibraltar (UK),Parliament
12 February-India,State elections in Bihar (1st phase) and Manipur(1st phase)
12 February-Texas (USA),Special election for State House #115 2nd round
12-13 February-Zimbabwe,Referendum on the new Constitution 
13 February-Nicaragua,FSLN Party (Frente Nacional de Liberacion Sandinista),
Primary elections to choose the candidates for the municipal elections
13 February-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Notre Dame de l'Ile Perrot District 6
14 February-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Stratford N.2
15 February-Wisconsin (USA),Local primary elections
17 February-India,State elections in Bihar (2nd phase) and Orissa (1st phase)
17 February-India,Parliamentary elections to fill the seat vacated by
Sonia Gandhi in Bellary in the state of Andhra Radesh, and by Mulayam
Singh Yadav in Kannauj 
17 February-Zambia,Parliamentary by-elections in Mbalala and Mfuwe 
18 February-Iran,Parliament 1st round
18-20 February-Canada,British Columbia New Democratic Party Leadership Convention
19 February-South Carolina (USA),US presidential Republican Party primary elections 
20 February-Kyrgyzstan,Parliament 1st round
20 February-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Santa Eufemia
22 February-India,State elections in Bihar(3rd phase),Orissa
(2nd phase),Manipur (2nd phase) and Haryana (one unique phase)
22 February-Michigan (USA),US presidential Republican primary elections 
22 February-Arizona (USA),US presidential Republican primary elections
23 February-Norfolk Island (Australia),Legislative assembly election
27 February-Tajikistan,Parliament Lower chamber 1st round (22 seats)
27 February-Senegal,President 1st round
27 February-Schleswig-Holstein (Germany),State elections 
27 February-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Oliveira do Hospital
27 February-Japan,Miyagi Prefecture: House of Representatives by-election 
27 February-Puerto Rico (USA),US presidential Republican Party primary election 
29 February-Washington state (USA),US Presidential primary election of the
Republican and the Democratic Parties
29 February-Virginia (USA),US presidential Republican Party primary elections 
29 February-North Dakota (USA),US presidential Republican Party primary election
?? March-Cape Verde,Local council elections
1 March-Belize,Municipal elections
3 March-Anguilla (UK),General elections 
4 March-Thailand,Senate elections
6 March-St Kitts and Nevis,Parliament
6 March-Campbellton (Canada),Municipal by-elections
7 March-Maine (USA),Democratic presidential primary elections
7 March-Washington state (USA),Republican presidential primary and
Democratic presidential caucus 
7 March-New Mexico (USA),Municipal elections
7 March-Hawaii (USA),Democratic presidential caucus 
7 March-Idaho (USA),Democratic presidential caucus 
7 March-North Dakota (USA),Democratic presidential caucus 
7 March-American Samoa (USA),Democratic caucus/convention 
7 March-New York (USA),US presidential primary election 
7 March-Vermont (USA),US presidential primary election 
7 March-Missouri (USA),US presidential primary election 
7 March-Connecticut (USA),US presidential primary election 
7 March-Rhode Island (USA),US presidential primary election 
7 March-California (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
7 March-Maryland (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
7 March-Ohio (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
7 March-Georgia (USA),US presidential primary election 
7 March-Massachusetts (USA),US presidential primary election 
9 March-South Carolina (USA),US presidential Democratic Party primary election 
10 March-Colorado (USA),US presidential primary election 
10 March-Wyoming (USA),US presidential primary election 
10 March-Utah (USA),US presidential primary election
11 March-Malta,Local elections
11 March-Northern Territory (Australia),State assembly by-election in Port Darwin
12 March-Puerto Rico (USA),US presidential Democratic Party primary election 
12 March-El Salvador,Legislative and municipal elections
12 March-Spain,Parliamentary elections and renewal of 4/5 the Senate
12 March-Andalusia (Spain),Local parliamentary elections
12 March-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 3 seats in Pyrenees-Atlantiques #2,Sarthe #2 and Pas de Calais #3 1st round
12 March-Kyrgyzstan,Parliament 2nd round 
12 March-Costa Rica,PLN Party:Primary district elections 
12 March-Costa Rica,Referendum on the presidential re-election organized
by Oscar Arias and not recognized by the Govt.
12 March-Switzerland,Double referendum to ban in-vitro fertilisation test
and to impose a quota system boosting the number of women in government jobs
12 March-Tajikistan,Parliament Lower chamber 2nd round
(12 seats)
12 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Sainte Adele #3 and Joliette #6
14 March-Oklahoma (USA),US presidential primary election 
14 March-Florida (USA),US presidential primary election
14 March-Mississippi (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
14 March-Texas (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
14 March-Tennessee (USA),,US presidential primary election 
14 March-Alaska (USA),Local elections in Twin Hills
14 March-Louisiana (USA),Presidential primary and municipal elections 
16 March-Scotland (UK),Parliamentary by-election in Ayr constituency
18 March-Taiwan,President 
18 March-Victoria (Australia),Local council elections in 41 councils
19 March-Senegal,President 2nd round
19 March-Lithuania,Municipal elections 
19 March-Russia,Second round of State Duma elections in eight regions 
19 March-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 3 seats in Pyrenees-Atlantiques #2,Sarthe #2 and Pas de Calais #3  2nd round
19 March-Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France),General council 1st round
21 March-Illinois (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
23 March-Tajikistan,Parliament Upper chamber 
26 March-Russia,President  
26 March-Anjouan (Comoros),Municipal elections 
26 March-Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France),General council election 2nd round
26 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections in Henryville
26 March-Moldova,Local elections
26 March-Transdniestr (Moldova),Local elections 1st round
27 March-Iraq,Parliament 
29 March-India,Rajya Sabha (upper House of parliament) elections
1 April-San Marino,Indirect election of 2 "Capitani Reggenti" (Chiefs of the State)
1 April-Pahang (Malaysia),State assembly by-election in Sanggang  
2 April-Mexico,PRI gubernatorial primary elections in Tabasco State
2 April-Hungary,Parliamentary by-elections
2 April-Lower Austria (Austria),Local elections
2 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections in d'Asbestos,Compton,
Windsor,Rougemont and Saint Flavien
3 April-Trinidad and Tobago,Parliamentary by-elections for Rio Claro North seat
on the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation
4 April-Wisconsin (USA),Local elections and US presidential primary election 
4 April-Kansas (USA),US presidential primary election 
4 April-Mississippi (USA),US presidential primary election 2nd round 
4 April-Pennsylvania (USA),US presidential primary election
4 April-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial by-election in Cape Breton East 
7 April-Mauritania,Elections for one-third of the seats in the Senate
8 April-Bosnia and Herzegovina,Municipal elections
8 April-Nauru,General elections 
9 April-Transdniestr (Moldova),Local elections 2nd round
9 April-Peru,President and Parliament 1st round 
9 April-Georgia,President
9 April-Greece,General elections 
11 April-Texas (USA),US presidential primary election 2nd round 
12 April-Guernsey (UK),Elections of the deputies of the "States of
Deliberation" (Parliament)
13 April-South Korea,Parliament
14 April-Mauritania,Elections for one-third of the seats in the Senate 
15 April-Northern Cyprus,President 
15 April-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections
16 April-Italy,Regional elections in 15 regions and municipal elections 1st round
16 April-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Torre Vedras
16 April-Ukraine,Referendum on dissolving the parliament,
forming a new bicameral legislature and boost the presidential powers 
16 April-Hungary,Repestition of the parliamentaty by-elections in
Szekesfehervar and Fehergyarmat constituencies 
16 April-Voralberg (Austria),Local elections
16 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in 11 cities 
17 April-Yukon (Canada),Territorial election 
17 April-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Provincial election 
20 April-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
23 April-Cuba,Municipal elections 
25 April-Pennsylvania (USA),US presidential and congressional primary elections
25 April-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Trinity North
29 April-Thailand,Senate By-elections in 35 provinces for 78 seats 
due to an allegation of fraud in the last elections
29 April-Canada,School Board by-election in Port Coquitlam
30 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal election in Richmond 
30 April-Italy,Regional elections in 15 regions and municipal elections 2nd round
?? May-Jersey (UK),Deputees by-election
2 May-Anchorage (Alaska,US),Mayoral runoff election 
2 May-District of Columbia (USA),US presidential and congressional delegate primary election 
2 May-Indiana (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
2 May-Virginia (USA),Local elections
2 May-North Carolina (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
4 May-London (England),Mayoral election
4 May-England (UK),Local elections for 152 councils to elect 3,337 councillors 
4 May-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in Romsey constituency
5 May-Turkey,President(by the Parliament)
5 May-Iran,Parliamentary elections for the last 64 seats
7 May-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections in Farnham, La Pocate,Les Bergeronnes,
L'Islet sur mer-Saint Eugene-L'Islet,L'Isle Verte, Ormstown and Riviere Blanche
7 May-Zagreb (Croatia),Local elections
7 May-Buenos Aires (Argentina),Mayoral election
7 May-Tasmania (Australia),Local council elections
9 May-Montana (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election
9 May-West Virginia,US presidential and congressional primary election 
11 May-Malaysia,Internal election of the UMNO party
13 May-Victoria (Australia),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in Benalla
14 May-Quebec (Canada),Municipal election in Leclercville
14 May-Ethiopia,Parliament and local elections 
14 May-Uruguay,Municipal elections in 19 departments 
14 May-Germany,State elections in North Rhine-Westphalia and local elections in Thuringia 
14 May-Costa Rica,PLN Party:Municipal elections
14 May-St.Petersburg (Russia),Gubernatorial election 
14 May-Guatemala,Internal election of the Guatemala Republican Front party
14 May-Turkey,Internal election of the Virtue Party
15 May-Canada,Parliamentary by-election in St. John's West constituency 
16 May-Dominican Republic,President  
16 May-Oregon (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
21 May-Ecuador,Municipal elections
21 May-Buenos Aires (Argentina),Mayoral election 2nd round 
21 May-Haiti,Parliamentary and local elections 1st round
21 May-Italy,Referendum on the new electoral system 
21 May-Switzerland,Referendum on relationship with the European Union 
21 May-Costa Rica,FD Party:Primary district primary elections in Limon province 
23 May-Arkansas (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
23 May-Idaho (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
23 May-Kentucky (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
25 May-Suriname,General elections
27 May-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government elections
28 May-Tunisia,Local elections 
28 May-Peru,President and parliament 2nd round 
28 May-Costa Rica,FD Party:Primary district elections in Heredia province
28 May-Equatorial Guinea,Municipal elections
28 May-Quebec (Canada),Municipal election in Mont Saint Hilaire
28 May-Transdniestr (Moldova),Repeat of the local elections
?? June-Tunisia,Municipal election in one municipality postponed for the floods 
3 June-Papua New Guinea,Parliamentary by-elections in the Gazelle Open
and the West New Britain electorates
4 June-Quebec(Canada),Municipal elections in Saint Andre Carillon,
Saint Lin Laurentides,Sainte Anne des Monts Tourelle, Saint Claire and Weedon
4 June-Quebec(Canada),Municipal by-elections in Lavaltrie no. 6 and
Saint Charles Borrommee no. 5
4 June-Thailand,Senate by-election,3rd rerun in 9 provinces for 12 seats due to the allegations of fraud 
4 June-Romania,Local elections 1st round 
4 June-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Covilha
4 June-Costa Rica,FD Party:Primary district elections in Cartago province 
6 June-Montana (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
6 June-Alabama (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
6 June-South Dakota (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
6 June-Nebraska (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election 
6 June-New Mexico (USA),US presidential and congressional primary election
6 June-Iowa (USA),US congressional primary election 
6 June-Hungary,President(by the Parliament)
10 June-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election in Telok Kemang
11 June-Montenegro (Yugoslavia),Local elections in Podgorica and Herceg Novi 
11 June-Costa Rica,FD Party:Primary district elections in Puntarenas province 
12 June-Dominica,Parliament
12 June-Alberta (Canada),Provincial by-election in Edmonton-Highlands 
13 June-Maine (USA),US congressional primary election 
13 June-North Dakota (USA),US congressional primary election 
13 June-South Carolina (USA),US congressional primary election 
13 June-Virginia (USA),US congressional primary election 
14 June-Namibia,Parliamentary by-election in Gobabis constituency
17 June-Papua New Guinea,Parliamentary by-elections in the Gazelle Open
and the West New Britain electorates
18 June-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Haut-Rhin #6 1st round
18 June-Romania,Local elections 2nd round 
18 June-Costa Rica,FD Party:Primary district elections in Guanacaste province 
18 June-Nagorno Karabakh (Azerbaijan),Legislative elections in 33
single-mandate districts 
22 June-Ireland,Parliamentary by-election in Tipperary South 
22 June-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in the north London constituency of Tottenham
22 June-Saint Maarten (Netherlands Antilles, Netherlands),Referendum on the independence or on separating from the Netherlands Antilles
24-25 June-Zimbabwe,Parliament 
25 June-Guinea,Local elections
25 June-Japan,General elections 
25 June-Costa Rica,FD Party:Primary district elections in Alajuela province
25 June-India,Municipal election in Calcutta
25 June-Ethiopia,Rerun of the parliamentary elections  in 14 constituencies 
25 June-Ukraine,Parliamentary by-elections in 10 constituencies 
25 June-Poland,Senate by-elections in Katowice,Szczecin and Wroclaw provinces
25 June-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Haut-Rhin #6 2nd round
25 June-Canada,Internal election of the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance Leadership 
26 June-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial by-election in Wood River constituency 
27 June-District of Columbia (USA),Referendum on the educational system
27 June-Utah (USA),US congressional primary election 
27 June-South Carolina (USA),US presidential and congressional
primary elections 2nd round
29 June-Uganda,Referendum on the introduction of the multiparty system
29 June-Iran,Rerun of 2 seats in the parliament
29 June-Iran,Elections of the president of the parliament
?? July-New Caledonia (France),Rerun of the Provincial assembly in Loyalty Islands 
?? July-Martinique (France),Mayoral elections 
2 July-Mongolia,Parliament
2 July-Mexico,President and Parliament 
2 July-Mexico,Mayoral election in Mexico City
2 July-Mexico,Gubernatorial election in Guanajuato state 
2 July-Mexico,Gubernatorial election in Morelos state
2 July-Costa Rica,FD Party:Primary district elections in San Jose province 
2 July-Samara Region (Russia),Gubernatorial election 
2 July-Mayotte (France),Referendum on the status with France
4 July-Calgary (Canada),Municipal by-election in Ward 13
8 July-Canada,Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance Leadership Vote(internal)
9 July-Haiti,Parliamentary and local elections 2nd round 
10 July-Syria,President (elected by a popular referendum with an unopposed candidate)
14-16 July-Canada,Nova Scotia New Democratic Party: Leadership Vote(internal)
18 July-Georgia (USA),US congressional primary election 
23 July-Thailand,Gubernatorial election in Bangkok
23 July-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Fung Tsui
23-24 July-Cote d'Ivoire,Referendum on the new Constitution and election law 
30 July-Haiti-Partial runoff elections from the lower house for seven seats
in the Grand Anse district and for three seats in two other districts  
30 July-Venezuela,Presidential,congressional and mayoral elections
31 July-Israel,President(by the Parliament)
?? August-Russia,By-election for a seat in the State Duma elections in the
Republics of Ingushetia and in Murmansk Oblast
1 August-Kansas (USA),US congressional primary election 
3 August-Tennessee (USA),US congressional primary election 
8 August-Michigan (USA),US congressional primary election 
8 August-Missouri (USA),US congressional primary election 
8 August-Colorado (USA),US congressional primary election
12 August-Australia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Isaacs  
12 August-Suriname,President(by the parliament)
13 August-Paraguay,Vice President election
20 August-Russia,State Duma elections in Republic of Chechnya
20 August-Chiapas (Mexico),Gubernatorial election 
21 August-Malawi,Parliamentary by-election in Kasungu 
22 August-Alaska (USA),US congressional primary election 
22 August-Wyoming (USA),US congressional primary election 
22 August-Oklahoma (USA),US congressional primary election 1st round
27 August-Lebanon,Parliament 1st phase 
29 August-Delaware (USA),US congressional primary election 
31 August-Ethiopia,Regional elections
2 September-Guam (USA),US congressional and mayoral primary elections 
3 September-Veracruz (Mexico),Gubernatorial election 
3 September-Lebanon,Parliament 2nd phase 
5 September-Florida (USA),US congressional primary election 
5 September-Nevada (USA),US congressional primary election 
7 September-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-election for 1 seat in Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Aldershot 
9 September-Delaware (USA),Primary election 
9 September-Virgin Islands (USA),US congressional delegate primary election 
10 September-Macedonia,Municipal elections 1st round
10 September-Hong Kong,Legislative council elections 
11 September-Mauritius,Parliament 
11 September-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections in Kings-Hants (Nova Scotia) and Okanagan-Coquihalla (British Columbia) 
12 September-Minnesota (USA),US congressional primary election 
12 September-Arizona (USA),US congressional primary election 
12 September-Wisconsin (USA),US congressional primary election 
12 September-Rhode Island (USA),US congressional primary election 
12 September-Connecticut (USA),US congressional primary election 
12 September-New York (USA),US congressional primary election 
12 September-New Hampshire (USA),US congressional primary election 
12 September-Vermont (USA),US congressional primary election 
13 September-Brazil,Informal referendum against foreign debt payments and
a deal with the IMF.Organized by the Brazil's National Bishops' Council
and not recognized by the Govt.
14 September-Oman,Election of the Majlis al-Shura (Sultan 's Consultative Body)
15 September-Morocco,Elections of 1/3 of the Chamber of Advisors 
17 September-India,Municipal elections in the State of Gujarat 
19 September-Oklahoma (USA),US Congressional primary election 2nd round
19 September-Massachusetts (USA),US congressional primary election
19 September-Washington State (USA),US congressional primary election 
19 September-Israel,Local elections in Ararah,Ksaife,Lakia and Segev Shalom
21 September-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in South Antrim 
23 September-Hawaii (USA),US congressional primary election
23 September-Canada,British Columbia Green Party Leadership Convention(internal)
23 September-Northern Territory (Australia),Local council by-elections
24 September-Yugoslavia,President and parliament 
24 September-Serbia,Local elections 
24 September-France,Referendum about the reduction of the presidential term 
24 September-Portugal,Municipal by-elections in S. Pedro do Rio Seco and in Duas Igrejas
24 September-Burkina Faso,Municipal elections 
24 September-Switzerland,Referendum on introducing an 18 percent cap on foreign
population,on increasing the fuel taxes and on the development of alternative energies
23 September-Northern Territory (Australia),Municipal by-elections
24 September-Macedonia,Municipal elections 2nd round
24 September-Ajaccio (Corsica,France),Mayoral election
25 September-Alberta (Canada),Provincial by-election in Red Deer North
26 September-Zambia,Parliamentary by-elections for 8 seats
28 September-Denmark,Referendum on the introduction of the EURO currency 
28 September-England (UK),Local council by-election in Canford Heath
29 September-India,By-elections in 9 constituencies
29 September-India,Municipal elections in Kerala and Gujarat
1 October-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)
1 October-Albania,Municipal elections 1st round
1 October-Mongolia,Local elections
1 October-Brasil,Municipal elections 1st round
2 October-Yukon (Canada),School Council Elections
3 October-Florida (USA),Primary election 2nd round
5 October-Winnipeg (Canada),Municipal by-election in St. Vital Ward
7 October-Mayotte (France),Local elections
7 October-Louisiana (USA),US Congressional primary elections
8 October-Yugoslavia,Provincial elections 2nd round 
8 October-Poland,President
8 October-Lithuania,General elections 
8 October-Tuva (Russia),Referendum on changing the Constitution
8 October-Belgium,Municipal elections 
10 October-Ethiopia,Indirect election of the PM in the Parliament
10 October-Sri Lanka,Parliament
14 October-British Columbia (Canada),Council by-election in Harrison Hot Springs
15 October-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Nagano prefecture
15 October-Belarus,Parliament 
15 October-Slovenia,Parliament 
15 October-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Territoire de Belfort #2 and Seine Maritime #9 1st round
15 October-Portugal,Local government elections in the Azores and Madeira
15 October-Albania,Municipal elections 2nd round
15 October-Tabasco (Mexico),Gubernatorial election 
15 October-Udmurtiya Republic (Russia),President 
15 October-Goa (India),Municipal elections
15 October-Styria (Austria),State and local elections
17 October-Zambia,Parliamentary by-election in Kalabo 
18 October-Egypt,Parliament 1st phase 
19 October-Yukon (Canada),Municipal elections
20 October-Northwest Territories (Canada),Municipal elections
20 October-Costa Rica,PUSC Party:Primary district elections
20 October-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Pskov Oblast
20 October-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Moyne Shire
21 October-Nova Scotia (Canada),Municipal elections
22 October-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Granby
22 October-Cote d'Ivoire,President 
22 October-Sakhalin (Russia),Gubernatorial and Regional Duma elections
22 October-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Territoire de Belfort #2 and Seine Maritime #9 2nd round
22 October-Kursk (Russia),Regional elections 
22 October-Japan,By-election in Tokyo's No.21 constituency 
22 October-Finland,Municipal elections
25 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal elections 
28 October-Kosovo,Local elections 
29 October-Belarus,Parliamentary elections 2nd round in 53 districts
29 October-Chile,Municipal elections 
29 October-Brasil,Municipal elections 2nd round
29 October-Colombia,Municipal elections 
29 October-Kyrgyzstan,President 
29 October-Tanzania,Presidential,parliamentary and local elections 
29 October-Zanzibar (Tanzania),Parliament 
29 October-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Aga Buryat and Chita Oblast 
29 October-Egypt,Parliament 2nd phase
31 October-Tasmania (Australia),Local government elections
2-4 November-Canada,Manitoba Progressive Conservative: Leadership Convention (internal)
3-5 November-Canada,Alberta New Democrat Leadership Convention (internal)
4 November-Egypt,Parliamentary runoff elections for 116 seats
5 November-Zanzibar (Tanzania),Rerun of the parliamentary elections in 10 constituencies 
5 November-Nicaragua,Municipal elections 
5 November-Azerbaijan,Parliament 
5 November-Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election 
5 November-Magadan Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election 
5 November-Costa Rica,FD Party:Rerun of the primary district elections
due to the allegations of fraud
5 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal election in Longueuil District No. 5
6 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal elections 
7 November-United States,President,Congress,1/3 of the Senate and
special election for the Senate for 1 seat in Georgia
7 November-Maine (USA),Special election
7 November-Arkansas (USA),Mayoral elections and local referendums
7 November-Virginia (USA),General and local referendums
7 November-Wisconsin (USA),Referendum on extending the right to vote to adult children of US citizens
7 November-Wyoming (USA),Referendum on changing current eligibility requirements to allow any qualified residents  between 17 and 70 to serve in the state militia
7 November-Porto Rico (USA),Governor
7 November-American Samoa (USA),Governor 
7 November-Guam (USA),Parliament
7 November-US Virgin Islands (USA),Parliament 
7 November-Palau,President,Parliament and Senate elections  
8 November-Cayman Islands(UK),Parliament
8 November-Egypt,Parliament 3rd phase 
11 November-Bosnia,Election of a Federal Parliament 
11 November-Serb Republic (Bosnia):Elections of the President,Vice President
and members of their own local parliament
11 November-Muslim-Croat Federation (Bosnia),Elections of regional officials
and a federation parliament   
11 November-Slovakia,Referendum on holding new parliamentary elections
12 November-Czech Republic,Senate 1st round and regional elections 
12 November-Jalisco (Mexico),Gubernatorial election 
12 November-India,Election for the Congress Party's presidency
12 November-Japan,Mayoral election in the city of Naha in the Okinawa Prefecture
13 November-Ontario (Canada),Municipal elections
14 November-Egypt,Runoff of the 3rd phase of the Parliamentary elections
18 November-Papua New Guinea,Parliamentary and gubernatorial
by-elections in East New Britain
18 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Port Coquitlam
19 November-Czech Republic,Senate elections 2nd round 
19 November-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Fafe
19 November-Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial  runoff election 
20 November-Uttar Pradesh (India),Civic elections 1st phase 
21 November-Malawi,Local elections
21 November-Manitoba (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Kirkfield Park and Tuxedo
23 November-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-elections in Glasgow
Anniesland,West Bromwich West and Preston constituencies 
23 November-Scotland (UK),Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Glasgow Anniesland 
23 November-Uttar Pradesh (India),Civic elections 2nd phase
24 November-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Kurgan Oblast
25 November-Yugoslavia,Socialist Party:Internal election of the president 
25-26 November-Zimbabwe,By-election for a seat in the parliament
26 November-Romania,President 1 st round
26 November-Romania,Parliament
26 November-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Sao Pedro do Sul
26 November-Haiti,Presidential and Senate elections
26 November-Switzerland,Referendum on army reforms and the age of retirement and
city elections in Bern
27 November-Canada,Parliament
27 November-Yukon (Canada),Territorial by-election in Faro
29 November-Kedah (Malaysia),State assembly by-election in Lunas 
?? December-Christmas Island (Australia),Island assembly election 
1 December-Moldova,Presidential Indirect election by the Parliament
1st round 1st tour --failed (61 votes required)--
3 December-Venezuela,Local elections 
3 December-Venezuela,Referendum on removing the union labor organization leaders 
3 December-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Mari El,Stavropol Territory,
Krasnodar Territory,Arkhangelsk,Astrakhan,Ivanovo,Kamchatka,Permand Ryazan Regions,
Komi-Permyak Autonomous Area and the Koryak Autonomous Area 
3 December-Tajikistan,By-elections in the Dushambe district of Kofarnihon,
Kurgan-Tyube and Frunze
3 December-Honduras,Primary election for the Liberal Party
3 December-Madagascar,Provincial elections 
3 December-Burgerland (Austria),State elections
4 December-Canada,Territorial by-election in Quttiktuq
4 December-Moldova,Presidential Indirect election by the Parliament
1st round 2nd tour --failed (61 votes required)--
5 December-South Africa,Local elections 
6 December-Moldova,Presidential Indirect election by the Parliament
1st round 3rd tour --failed (61 votes required)--
6 December-Switzerland,Indirect Federal Council by-election and Presidential election (by the parliament)
7 December-Ghana,President and Parliament 
7 December-Kuwait,Parliamentary by-election
8 December-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Monash City
9 December-Louisiana,State Runoff election
10 December-Romania,President 2nd round 
10 December-Cote d'Ivoire,Parliamentary and local elections
10 December-Transdniestr (Moldova),Parliamentary elections 
10 December-Russia,Local elections in Khabarovsk Territory,Bryansk,
Vladimir,Kostroma and Voronezh
10 December-Hong Kong (China),Legislative council by-election in the Special Administrative
Region of Tung Chee Hwa
10 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Saint-Calixte No.2 and 4 and
Saint-Laurent No.10
11 December-Dominica,Parliamentary by-election
11 December-Trinidad and Tobago,Parliament
17 December-Honduras,Primary election for the National Party
17 December-Cote d'Ivoire,Parliamentary runoff election in Logouale
17 December-Hong Kong,Internal election of the Democratic Party
18 December-India,Local elections in Himachal Pradesh 
19 December-Virgina (USA),Special elections for State Senate #307 and State House #61,73,96
21 December-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in Falkirk West 
13-22 December-Sudan,President and Parliament 
22 December-Moldova,Indirect presidential election 2nd round 1st tour
-boycotted by the majority-
23 December-Serbia,Parliament 
24 December-Pitcairn Islands (UK),Island Council Election 
24 December-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug,
Ulyanovsk Oblast and Chelyabinsk Oblast 
28 December-Ghana,Presidential runoff election
30 December-Algeria,Indirect Council of Nation (Senate) election
31 December-Pakistan,Local elections 1st phase