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Matthew Martin Ryder

John Wilbred Wilscam, MD
Jan McIntosh

John Wilbred Wilscam was a Professor at McGill's Mecical University in Montreal, Canada. I am waiting for information from the medical school on John.

Amelia's Obituary lists her as the daughter of Wilbur and Jane (McIntosh) Wilscam.

Jane/Amelia Wilscam

Amelia may be her middle or first name. b.October 24, 1852 in.Montreal, Canada m. August 9, 1869 Daniel LeFebvre b.? in.? d.? bur.? Jane died in Lynn, Mass. bur.?

i. Edward Charles LeFebvre b.?
ii. Corine ? LeFebvre (Hensing)
iii. Wilbur ? LeFebvre

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